News Summary – 2 April 2012 Reply

E-Health Insider: ‘RCN joins BMA in call for 111 slow-down’

Don’t punish older people, says Saga’s ‘voice of over-50s’ via @guardian

‘As Smartphones Become Health Aids, Ads May Follow’ – health items searched for on phones/computers – NY Times

Evidence-Based Heart Failure Quality Improvement Programs & Strategies for Critical Access Hospitals (US)

‘Elderly care costs could affect 200,000 more pensioners, study suggests’ – Telegraph

Smartphone linked diabetes blood glucose meter available in UK – video @Diabetescouk

‘High-Tech Solutions and In-Home Care: A Winning Combination’ via @rightathomeUS

‘Why partnerships carry risks as well as benefits for local authorities’ via @guardian

Schedule for ATA 2012 – the world’s largest #telehealth, telemedicine and mHealth…

‘The problem of regulatory oversight and ICD implantation’ (US)

GP QoF payments for osteoporosis check commence – impact on falls/fractures in older people via @telegraph

London Borough of Redbridge go live with the MyLife Portal

2 US senators present bill that could give seniors cash bonuses for meeting health goals- weight, BP, smoking, diabetes

International Perspectives on Patient Engagement: Results from the 2011 Commonwealth Fund Survey

‘iPhone & iPad peripheral ThermoDock measures body temperature without body contact’ via @imedicalapps

French Study – Role of the community pharmacist in the management of COPD

Patients as Experts – TEDx talk on video by @rzeiger

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