News Summary – 3 April 2012 Reply

Empowering patients:Intelligent devices & apps for better health – Video examples from MIT Hackathon

New generation of portable neural devices for sleep apnoea, depression, autism etc via NY Times

‘Developing the long term conditions outcomes strategy’

NHS standards for care of children and young people with diabetes linked to financial rewards & penalties – GPOnline

‘GPs paid £70 a patient to boost flagging #telehealth scheme’ – latest from NHS Gloucs via PulseToday

‘GPs are referring patients to falls prevention programmes that are not evidence-based, a new analysis claims’

‘NHS reforms: what do they mean for patients?’ – view from National Voices via @guardian

‘Quantified Self – Epicenter of Disruptive Innovation’ – via Innovation Excellence

mHealth: Limiting healthcare through the air | mHIMSS

RT @TheKingsFund: How can emergency hospital admissions for ambulatory care-sensitive conditions be reduced? Read our new data briefing

‘Do nothing on telehealth and you let down your local community’: minister via @guardian

RT @MedilinkUK: Find out how you can get involved in 3millionlives initiative at the Official Industry Briefing

RT @medlatest: Telehealth Schemes “Flagging”, But Don’t Blame Telehealth

RT @GdnGovComputing: New feature on #telehealth up. @GillHitchcock talks to care minister Paul Burstow about the govt’s plans:

‘Wireless sensor devices could become more practical with help of power saving methods’

i-Pads tested for post-surgical ‘telerounding’ – Docs can videochat with patients, view scars, check pain symptoms etc

Infographic: 3 questions doctors ask Type II diabetics

The role of #telehealth in healthcare reform – sharing experiences from both the US and Europe via PAConsulting

Microsoft HomeOS platform for technology in the home

‘Soon Your Home May Be Smarter Than You Are’ – The Atlantic

‘Telemedicine Dilemma: Savings Or Healing Hands More Important?’ — @InformationWeek

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