News Summary – 4 April 2012 Reply

OJEU notice 33100000 – Newcastle upon Tyne:medical equipments Provision of telehealth and…

Australian Ministerial announcement: ‘Invitation to Apply for NBN-Enabled Telehealth Programs’

‘Early action could save NHS millions’ via @guardian

Assessing apps for the blind via @CNET

‘Manchester team handed £6.2m to develop online system to help doctors and nurses identify diseases including cancer’

‘Transparency and the NHS: the story behind the data’ via @guardian

Call for papers @AALSummit2012 – deadline is 15th April with submissions via

Social media and healthcare – @RoyLilley: Main Entrance Thinking #constantcontact

@RoyLilley – Social media and health – VHA Mayo Clinic #nhssm

@RoyLilley – There are now 1000+ Twitter Healthcare Hashtags for groups, diseases, conferences

‘How online platforms are transforming personal care services’ via @guardian

RT @Tynetec: Tynetec are pleased to announce our Olympic Roadshow Tour dates for 2012. Visit… for more details

Development of the Body Guardian device – Preventice/Mayo

‘UK broadband upgrades to begin in Lancashire’ – Telegraph

RT @GdnSocialCare: Do you think #socialmedia can help eliminate the artificial distinction between #health & #socialcare?

Seniors in need, caregivers in distress: What are the home care priorities for seniors in Canada? @innovateforage

RT @profchrisham: our Integrated Care summit on 1 May features Ken Kizer on the VA, Andrew Lansley, Barbara Hakin and great NHS examples

RT @WHO: YOU can break down stereotypes of ageing and older people to #AddHealth2Life. Start by sharing this video Thank you!

US top technology official advocates putting health data in patients’ hands

BBC News (Technology): Device to fight anaemia in India about to go on sale

‘Five ways Facebook can be bad for your mental health’ via @DigitalTrends

Transforming integrated care — using #telecare as a catalyst for change in Wakefield via @healthtechwire

RT @kingsfund_ils: Another day, another updated reading list for you all! Today we’ve updated our list on NHS reforms:


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