News Summary – 6 April 2012 Reply

From the US – VA Proposal to Eliminate Copayments for Telehealth Care Services

‘95% of pressure ulcers are preventable’ – New video from @NHSMidlandsEast

RT @AlvolutionCare: Find out how you can get involved in 3millionlives initiative at the Official Industry Briefing #telehealth

Will Google’s ‘augmented reality’ glasses look good to healthcare? | mHIMSS

TEDMED 2012 Preview

Interesting infographic on why US healthcare costs are so

Is Gaming Changing Healthcare & Helping You Live Healthier Life? – 4 pt series @BarbaraFicarra at Huff Post

Effectiveness of web-based health risk assessment with individually-tailored feedback on lifestyle behaviour – protocol

‘4 Ways Mobile Technology Can Improve Care’ | Healthcare Information Technology: #telehealth #mhealth

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