News Summary – 10 April 2012 Reply

A New Microchip Knows Just Where You Are, Indoors & Out – ubiquitous navigation – MIT Tech Review

NYC Considering Installing Touchscreens Instead Of Pay Phones via @techcrunch

A Tour Of Medtronic’s ‘Hospital Of The Future’ via CBS Minnesota (video)

Warfarin self-testing – the STABLE study

Global eHealth Strategies Symposium at Med-e-Tel 2012

MS Journal: Connecting to the future – the promise of #telecare #telehealth

Case study: ‘telecare vs standard care – household activities by people with intellectual disabilities’ telecare

Study:Cognitive decline after hospitalization in community population of older persons

Perceptions & Experiences of HF Patients & Clinicians on Use of Mobile Phone-Based Telemonitoring

Developing healthcare rule-based expert systems: Case study of a heart failure telemonitoring system

US Study: Health Care Providers Style May Impact Acceptance of Telemonitoring

EU Telemedicine: Renewing Health – Veneto Project

Diabetes and high blood pressure

Australia: ‘GPs demand separate fees for working on electronic summary health records’

RT @RoyLilley: This is the day #constantcontact

‘Is mHealth at a crossroads?’ by Ted Eytan

Article on telemedicine video consults in Georgia (USA)

Dick Vinegar in the Guardian asks ‘Telecare: what’s happened to the whole system demonstrators?’

‘NHS seeks hardware from x-ray equipment to laptops in £125m deal’ via @guardian

US Study: Summer Temperature Variability May Increase Mortality Risk for Elderly with Chronic Disease via @HarvardHSPH

‘For the Elderly, Emergency Rooms of Their Own’ – via NY

RT @SirJohnOldham: Netherlands saw 23pcent rise in cost of personal budgets which increased overall care demand. Had to create wait list for budget

RT @BBCTech: ‘Tough’ rules on smart meter data

Band-aid sized devices monitor vital signs, ECG etc via @imedicalapps

BBC News: ‘Some wireless medical implants/devices could be vulnerable to attacks’

HSJ Efficiency Awards deadline extended to 30

E-Health Insider: Draft CCG authorisation guidance – NHS Commissioning Board meets this Friday to consider processes

Benefits from implementation of wireless technology for hospital out of hours working via BMJOpen

Asthma sufferers ‘ending up in A&E unneccesarily’ –

RT @scottishhealth: Introducing new technologies into the NHS in Scotland: A practical guide for industry –

IBM Patent: Multitouch Floor Detects Heart Attacks, Intruders, falls etc

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