News Summary – 20 April 2012 Reply

‘Consumerisation to create £2bn opportunity for UK IT sector – Bring your own Technology (BYOT)’ – #telehealth #mhealth

‘How Social Media Is Taking Over the News Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]’… via @mashable #nhssm

Hospital IT Europe – FACE report on #telecare

RT @2020health: The truth about #telehealth? 15 years on it’s still expanding in the #VHA – come and hear the doctor who pioneered…

‘@2020health VHA (Adam Darkins) was 72,000 #telehealth users at March KF Conference, aiming for 92,000 by end of 2012

Pulse Today looks at the recent Mayo study on #telehealth – higher mortality not fully explained – small sample size

‘Numera acquires BlueLibris and expands offerings into #telecare & #telehealth ‘ | mHIMSS

Data Destiny – Experts debate where technology will make next big impact on NHS – HSJ Supplement 19 April 2012 #telehealth #telecare

‘@RoyLilley – Mayo #telehealth trial – small gps, multiple co-morbidities, 13% mortality expected in popln anyway, other trial limitations

‘@RoyLilley Mayo #telehealth trial – expected one yr popln mortality = 13%, telehealth group was 14.7%, usual care unexpectedly low at 3.9%

Mayo #telehealth paper refered to @pulsetoday ‘trebles death rate’ needs careful reading – see comments section

NHS failing to learn from mistakes, says ombudsman – monitoring, record-keeping, taking action via @guardian

‘Intraoperative iPad 3D imaging enhances surgeons ability to perform partial lung resections’ via @imedicalapps

Does #telehealth in treble death rate – mortality as predicted 14.7v13.0%-control group had lower than expected 3.9%

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