News Summary – 23 April 2012 Reply

‘Ministers told to find billions more in savings’ –

RT @clarkmike: Pulse #telemedicine ‘death rate’ headlines – see @clarkmike comment at end of article on figures from #telehealth

@Carl_Appello @pulsetoday I think the reply from @clarkmike says it all! The article doesn’t give all the information!

Longitudinal Trajectories of HbA1c and Fasting Plasma Glucose Levels During the Development of Type 2 Diabetes (Japan)

‘GMC consults guidance GPs using Facebook, Twitter’ @gponlinenews

Community Care looks at the recent FACE report and #telecare – @CommunityCare

HBR looks at the costs of End Stage Renal Disease treatment costs in USA and India (using

‘Transformative technology for active and healthy ageing’ – @tomorrowtogethr #innovateforage

RT @Crohnology: Check out our interview with charming e-Patient Adam @ihaveuc on the Crohnology blog!…

‘Numera acquires mobile-enabled PERS device maker’ @mobilehealth #telecare #telehealth

‘Small opportunities to use mobile technology in medicine’ via @kevinmd #telehealth

Intel’s Eric Dishman: “No One Is Building Apps For Seniors” – #nhssm @tomorrowtogethr #innovateforage

‘Is #telemedicine good or bad for us?’ | mHIMSS – Mortality rate issue explained in comments at

Sat Nav to guide elderly drivers on the road via @YahooFinanceUK @tomorrowtogethr #innovateforage

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