News Summary – 28 April 2012 Reply

Are there potential savings from #telehealth remote monitoring? – Boston Consulting Group report

HBR Blog: ‘When Will this Low-Innovation Internet Era End?’

#Telemedicine – collaboration and access to healthcare – using video links, PACS & EMRs in US example

Twitter for healthcare – 50m tweets, 1000+ hashtags, growing 1m tweets per week – Healthcare Hashtag Project #nhssm

@TelehealthHull @clarkmike: @HealthFdn SHINE study shows significant + sustained impact on systolic hypertension thru SMS. Paper end of May – via @NHSSimple

‘Acute medical care for frail older people’ – RCP toolkit (March 2012) thanks to @dean_jenkins

@roylilley @clarercgp Latest April newsletter covers #telehealth #telecare #3ML (articles & 800+ links from UK & world)

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