News Summary – 30 April 2012 Reply

Is the medical profession beginning to listen to patients?’ – Dick Vinegar in the Guardian via @guardian

‘Today in healthcare’ – new roundup from Guardian of health news stories, blogposts, tweets etc via @guardian

Latest on patients in hospital beds despite being fit to leave – DH figures on delayed days via @Telegraph

Following last week’s #telehealth article at @roylilley returns to technology and healthcare

NY Times: ‘Start-Ups Look to the Crowd’ – Kickstarter helping to raise finance for tech and other innovations

‘@roylilley – for #telecare we probably have more per popln than any other country – not the case for #telehealth

‘@roylilley – for #telecare – social care, housing orgs have just got on with it – 1.5-2.0m UK people benefit. Control centres 100k users

‘@roylilley – teleradiology/PACS is probably most established in health. Establishing patient-centred #telehealth most difficult worldwide

‘@roylilley even if tech references in NHS Mandate, still has to go through Com Board & CCGs – adoption not likely to be rapid

‘@roylilley likely to be new service providers and patients as ‘consumers’ who adopt technology in healthcare more quickly

@clarkmike Apps and personal phones will sweep away the boxes. First to invest in call centres will clean-up

‘@roylilley some PCTs/CCGs using low cost mobile text and voice recognition software linked to control centre – still low % smartphone use

From Anne Cooper: @clarkmike @roylilley I agree as patient. In 2012 why can’t I get results in any other way than an appointment. #darkages#notpatientcentred

From Anne Cooper: @clarkmike @roylilley Soo frustrating. In experience its a mix of clincians and managers who stop this happening: and Im probably both 😦

Effectiveness of interventions using electronic reminders to improve adherence to chronic medication: systematic review

From Roy Lilley: @clarkmike It’s like that TV programme Life on

From Gerry Bolger: @anniecoops @clarkmike @roylilley in France your blood results are available online for you & your doctor to see within 2 hours normally

From Roy Lilley: @GerryBolger @anniecoops @clarkmike Is that to facilitate the competitors in the Tour-de-France!

@RoyLilley @anniecoops @clarkmike thats standard service but then most diagnostics are done outside of hospitals

‘Integrating health and social care: a test for even the strongest leaders’ via @guardian

‘@roylilley US examples from Kaiser and American #telehealth

American Well launches comprehensive infrastructure update for #Telehealth via WSJ Marketwatch and #ATA2012

RT @TheKingsFund: Looking forward to our international #integratedcare summit ft. Ken Kizer, Barbara Hakin & Andrew Lansley tomorrow. We’ll be tweeting @ 10am

mHIMSS: ‘Understand risks of mobile devices in healthcare’ – Jason Zeller from Kaiser #telehealth #mhealth

RT @AmericanTelemed: The destination #ATA2012 Daily Digest for Monday, April 30 is now online.

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