News Summary – 1 May 2012 Reply

‘@clarercgp Important to read behind headlines of Mayo Clinic #telehealth study mortality – see @clarkmike comment

RT @telecareaware: #telecare #telehealth Telecare Soapbox: Telehealth apples and pears

BBC News: Triple A asthma study results highlights people at high risk of having a potentially fatal asthma attack

RT @TheKingsFund: What do we mean by #integratedcare? Together with @NuffieldTrust, we’ve produced a slidepack on the evidence

RT @HealthFdn: Test innovative ideas for improving the quality of healthcare locally: our Shine 2012 prog is now open for

Stroke Association Report – what happens to people when they leave hospital? via @Telegraph &

RT @TheKingsFund: What is #integratedcare? Ken Kizer’s definition = ‘Comprehensive, co-ordinated and continuous’ Strategically designed into system

RT @TheKingsFund: Ken Kizer: ‘There is no single pathway to nor universal model for #integratedcare

JTT: Telehealth for nursing homes: the utilization of specialist services for residential care #telehealth

JTT: A review of #telemedicine interventions in diabetes #telehealth

#Telehealth -enabled chronic care management service to support people with long-term conditions at home (New Zealand)

Study: Assessment for dementia via videoconferencing in elderly post-acute hospital patients

RT @TheKingsFund: Ken Kizer: Need a 7-10 year period to change culture. Have to have sustained focus and consistent direction #integratedcare

Changes in flu vaccination take up following text messaging – #telehealth

RT @jaimeelewis: New “champion group” to improve #health & #socialcare services for people with #dementia

WHO Bulletin: Establishing an evidence base for #ehealth – summaries & refs for 14 papers from 90 submitted #telehealth

EU Telescope Programme and draft code of practice for

BBC News: NHS and Facebook have joined forces in an attempt to increase the number of organs being donated

DH News: Guidance on new national CQUIN goals – dementia goal and NHS safety thermomometer goal

WHO Bulletin: Establishing an evidence base for #ehealth – summaries & refs for 14 papers from 90 submitted #telehealth

VA incorporating mobile technology into hospitals – using i-Phones to access patient EHR via @imedicalapps #telehealth

Peer supporters for cardiac patients with diabetes: a randomized controlled trial – small Australian study

RT @NHSSimple: Met 7 GP practices yesterday, all signed up to Florence #telehealth on the spot. Early evidence from @HealthFdn SHINE project compelling

Further coverage of the recent Mayo #telehealth study – conflicting study results examined

US #Telestroke examples #telehealth

‘The FDA’s role in telemedicine is still a moving target’ | #telehealth #mhealth #nhssm

RT @NaomiFried: Takes an average of 46 days to see specialist in Boston metro area. #Telehealth can improve access. #ATA2012

RT @NaomiFried: Average time to see specialist in Alaska is only 60 minutes. They leverage #telehealth to improve access. Shouldn’t we all? #ATA2012

Videos from the Medweb HP #telemedicine clinic demo at #ATA2012 – disease tracking in Afghanistan #telehealth

‘@roylilley – tweets from @NaomiFried at #ATA2012 – Avg wait for specialist Boston – 46 days, Average in Alaska = 60 mins using #telehealth

‘Elder care enters digital age’ – interest from US phone networks | #telehealth #innovateforage

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