News Summary – 2 May 2012 Reply

‘Study reveals scale of errors on doctors’ prescriptions’ via @guardian

‘Technology keeps elderly safer in Hawaii care home’ (video) – family able to keep track of alerts via mobile phone

Med City video from #ATA2012 with iClickCare – #mHealth app helps physicians collaborate on care #telehealth #nhssm

Georgia Partnership for #Telehealth – Now 300 locations with access to 200 physicians, 40,000 consults in 2011

Survey of GPs on pressure to reduce hospital admissions via @Telegraph

‘@tobite @markhawker – no current ‘typical’ cost. Only a limited number of installations to date so not scaled, depends on service cost

‘@tobite @markhawker #telehealth and #telemedicine are services that use technology

‘@tobite @markhawker If the service is provided by the NHS there is no charge, although some services make use of Pt’s mobile phone for SMS

‘@tobite @markhawker Simplest set ups use low cost BP Monitor etc and you send a text message of readings (no charge for text) on yr phone

‘@tobite @markhawker More sophisticated units can cost £1000+ if NHS purchases, but costs will come down as services move to scale

‘@tobite @markhawker – Most expensive would be initial eqpt outlays for secure HD video consultations (doctor to doctor + patient) – £10k

Recent evaluation – East Riding #telehealth programme gives some idea of costs/potential savings for remote monitoring

‘@tobite @markhawker Future business models in NHS less likely to be based around ‘equipment only’ purchases – leasing, revenue, outcomes

@tobite @markhawker Cost to NHS per deployment – see East Riding example. However, SMS and voice recognition examples would be much lower

‘@tobite @markhawker Net cost for #telehealth also depends on whether you can demonstrate any possible savings from reduced admissions etc

‘@tobite @markhawker East Riding #telehealth programme gives idea of costs/potential savings for remote monitoring

‘Policy Framework to address Northern Ireland’s long-term care challenge’ #telecare #telehealth

RT @RichardatKF: economic benefits of investing in #socialcare to support carers, important new report from @CarersUK

Bringing clinical expertise into the home – #telehealth in W Yorks/E Lancs – 100 homes, 17 nurs homes via @innovate_uk

RT @SirJohnOldham: Inverness DGH shown 34pcent reduction in bed days dt anticipatory care LTC pts. Closed 10pcent beds

Mobihealthnews reports that ‘Apple stores (US) now sell Sanofi’s i-Phone glucose meter’ #mhealth #telehealth

BP, weight, sleep, glucose monitoring devices linked to i-phone apps via UK online store

RT @NuffieldTrust: Jennifer Dixon: oomph needed to improve quality & sort the mess that is social care eligibility, funding &

@clarkmike B’ham specialists to use Flo #telehealth in Rheumatology to delay/avoid use of v-expensive meds. Intervention cost pennies/wk.

RT @NHSSimple: @clarkmike B’ham specialists to use Flo #telehealthin Rheumatology to delay/avoid use of v-expensive meds. Intervention cost pennies/wk.

Alaska #telehealth – 248 remote site deployments, 33,000 consults a yr, 30% access to specialist in 60m, 60% in 4 hrs

The issue of ‘tick box’ #telecare – @Dewsbury looks at the importance of a thorough assessment

Harnessing patient voices – Don Redding, Director of Policy, National Voices looks at DH long term conditions strategy

RT @GPonlinenews: Breaking news: 35 clinical commissioning groups in 1st authorisation wave announced. Full list: #GPnews

RT @DHgovuk: Have your say on long term conditions @AnnaHepburnDH #ltcstrategy

RT @TelehealthHull: Workshop on the use of social media in nurse education – Northumbria University, Friday 8th…

RT @profchrisham: session with NHS top leaders today. Where will innovation come from? New entrants? NHS providers changing from within? Spread thru networks?

iPods with music pair young with nursing home residents for US Inst of Aging study – @TomorrowTogethr #innovateforage

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