News Summary – 4 May 2012 Reply

EHI: ‘IT to move out of back office. NHS Info strategy – May. Deep structural change for next decade’ – Jim Easton

Screening tools for frailty in primary health care: A systematic review

‘#Telemedicine Carts Deliver Care to Patients in Remote Locations Across Mexico’ #telehealth

‘World Health Organization Reports Conundrum for eHealth Evaluation’ – are technologies making a difference? – HuffPost

‘The Second Wave of Clinical Mobility: Strategic Solution Investments for Mobile Point of Care in Western Europe’

‘Intel White paper on mobile tech future -connected devices interfacing with human brain is an inevitability’ CNNMoney

Textile Sensors monitor vital signs and communicate with Smartphones – BP, temp, resp, O2, neural, #telehealth

BBC News: Would health smartphone apps help patients in remote areas of Scotland? – recent #telehealth

RT @rcpsych: BBC News – Severe dementia care: Homes try new approach

‘How a Stanford dermatologist is using #telemedicine to reach underserved populations in California’ #telehealth

E-Health Insider :: ‘Somerset plans 4,000 #telehealthusers’

Pulse Today reports that national #QIPP lead, Sir John Oldham is stepping down later in year

Pulse Today looks at recent BMJ reported study on Diabetes and impact of self-care course following diagnosis

London to test ‘smart city’ operating system (including some aspects of healthcare)

RT @swisshealth20: #FF @IBMWatson @clarkmike @andrewspong @mikebutcher @MayoClinic @NWtoSE @zorgenzo @paulthed @fischmd

@swisshealth20 @ibmwatson @clarkmike @andrewspong @mikebutcher @mayoclinic @zorgenzo @paulthed @fischmd TY!

Small US study: ‘Teledentistry Program Helped Increase Kids’ Dental Treatment’ Rates’

6 tips for e-patients via ‘e-Patients Live Longer: The Complete Guide to Managing Health Care Using Technology’ #nhssm

VA pilot to provide 1,000 family carers with tablets/health apps to support vets at home. App store from 2013 #nhssm

VA ‘Clinic in Hand’ – 1,000 family carers with tablets/health apps to support vets at home – link to EHRs #telehealth

Telehealth network can be used to certify nurses in chemotherapy biotherapy

RT @BBCTech: UK faces £1bn broadband

E-health technologies spreading in developing nations – FierceHealthIT: #telehealth

‘Implanted User Interface Could Give Patients New Options’ — @InformationWeek

Peninsula Community Health currently monitoring 780 people via #telehealth in Cornwall via

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