News Summary – 6 May 2012 Reply

‘Would you trust this machine to act as your GP?’ – Daily Mail looks at #telehealth (with public comments)

‘How Does the FDA Monitor Your Medical Implant?’ – the need for medical device identification

Newcastle Univ – smart car development – monitors vital signs, custom navigation, night vision via @mobiledia

Wearable devices track people via wireless network – via @USATODAY #telecare #telehealth

Royal College of Nursing: ‘Transforming lives through technology’ #telehealth

Recent workshop: Bringing #telehealth & #telecare to 3 million lives by 2017; challenges, tactics & achieving results

Toronto Univ: ‘Innovative blanket could monitor your health’ #telehealth@TomorrowTogethr #innovateforage

‘Now 4 billion people know the joy of txt’ – SMS messaging 20 yrs old – 66% world popln have via @guardian

‘Imagine a World Where mHealth, #Telemedicine and EMRs Integrated Seamlessly’ via Healthworks Collective #telehealth

‘Carephone GPS Tracking Shoe prototype (UK)’ via @telecareaware #telecare#telehealth

29,000 smoke free kits have been ordered across England – available via

‘Families of frail seniors call sensors a godsend’ – can delay institutional care (US), but some barriers

‘The right care, at the right time’ – RA Patient texts each week on pain/condition – Health #telehealth

Runkeeper app has 10m+ users – link to upcoming Pebble watch #nhssm

‘The productivity Challenge’ – Integrated care pathways and integrated healthcare technologies

BlackBerry World 2012: Smartphones in Health Care – Wales example of smartphones & digital pens for care coordination

‘Telecare, remote monitoring and care’ – article looks at ethical tensions surrounding care of #telehealth

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