News Summary – 14 – 17 May 2012 Reply

‘NHS community care struggling to cope with demand, survey shows’ via @guardian

RT @TelehealthHull: At the #rcncongress to publicize University of Hull #telehealth work. In Hall C of the exhibition – stand C107.

Diabetes State of the Nation Report 2012 @diabetesUK– ‘insufficient checks and risk of complications’ via @guardian

‘Pills Still Matter; So Does Biology — Managing Expectations About Digital Health’ –

Australian Study: Ethical questions must be considered for electronic health records

RT @trevor_single: Off to speak at Holyrood telehealth/care conference in Glasgow 15/16 May. Will be good to hear Scottish plans including DALLAS project

RT @HolyroodKatie: Scotland is moving into the ‘next era’ of telehealth & telecare. Article by me ahead of#telehealthcare2012…

‘Is the NHS ready for an information revolution?’ – Patient from Hell weekly article via@guardian

‘AT&T & Valued Relationships provide chronically ill with remote monitoring service linked to caregivers’ #telehealth

RT @TomorrowTogethr Stephen Burke of@United4allAges suggests another way to tackle the care crisis >> #age #age

‘Medicare’s new approach to familiar diseases’ –

RT @DHgovuk: Creating #dementia friendly communities and improving dementia research. Alistair Burns’ video blog: #dementiachallenge

RT @mithransamuel@DHgovuk 2012-13 plan says White Paper will be published in May and draft bill in June #socialcare

An Outcomes Strategy for COPD and Asthma: NHS Companion Document via @dhgovuk

Parents to control special education needs via @guardian

RT @NHS24: RT @HolyroodEvents: Follow updates&contribute to #telehealthcare2012 tmw@HolyroodEvents w/hashtag above @HIE_Scotland@RCNScot @NHS24

@TelehealthHull @clarkmike Another condition for#telehealth & Flo . “Interstitial Lung Disease”. Acute specialists predict #QIPP savings.

Crooks: ‘Scotland leads in #telehealth, but must use technology wisely’ #telehealthcare2012

RT @HolyroodKatie: Crooks: Technology connects people – it can be used to de-stress carer’s role + help people engage in their communities#telehealthcare2012

RT @HolyroodEvents: We must not engineer face to face care out of the NHS says Crooks,but we must use technology where appropriae &safe.#telehealthcare2012

St Mary’s Hospital trial of digital ‘plaster’ that checks vital signs in hospital via @MailOnline

‘What can the NHS learn from healthcare in Canada?’ via @guardian #telehealth

‘Undearm implant that jump-starts an irregular heart’ – progress in defibrillators via@MailOnline

RT @trevor_single#telehealthcare2012 good workshop by Beild and Edinburgh CC on safe walking / GPS. Success story worth telling – improves quality of life.

RT @TunstallHealth: Kevin Alderson, Policy Director for Health and Social Care, has been speaking about the benefits of telehealthcare at #telehealthcare2012

RT @NHSSimple@TelehealthHull @clarkmikeAnother condition for #telehealth & Flo . “Interstitial Lung Disease”. Acute specialists predict #QIPP savings.

RT @Davewwest: Long awaited NHS Information Strategy due out on Monday, it seems #nhsreform

‘Drug Companies Are Testing Health Technology’ – Forbes #telehealth #mhealth#nhssm

E-Health Insider :: ‘Maudsley launches HealthVault-based PHR’

VA study: ‘A Comprehensive Care Management Program to Prevent COPD Hospitalizations’ – mortality in intervention group

’14 ways social media may soon change your doctor’s visit’ – TheCypressTimes

RT @texting4health: Mobile Health 2012 starts at Stanford tomorrow morning. Will be tweeting highlights.#MH2012

@clarkmike A real buzz in the air at NHS South of England LTC QIPP event with @SirJohnOldham

RT @TelehealthHull: Matter for discussion later today at #rcncongress – the role of technology, including#telehealth, in the provision of care

RT @HolyroodKatie: Sturgeon: Forthcoming telehealth + telecare strategy is ‘fundamental’ to ensuring telehealth/care supports 2020 vision#telehealthcare2012

RT @EHICCIOCampaign: Listening to Professor Jeremy Wyatt saying that telehealth is going to greatly alter clinical practice,warning that the NHS has to be ready

‘Free home care available to fewer elderly people’ – based on FOI requests to 120 via @guardian

RT @TelehealthHull: RCN launching guidance this PM on using communications technology in clinical practice at #rcncongress

RT @NeuroCSupport: At LTC #QIPP event in Southampton. @SirJohnOldham highlights essential#selfcare agenda for long-term conditions, which includes neurology

Graph of Doom – without change, cost of social care could soak up every penny of Barnet’s budget in via @guardian

Community Care Live – 16/17 May – follow

2012 Assisted Living Innovation Platform Showcase – 30/31 May, Bristol (event is free) #telehealth #nhssm

RT @HolyroodEvents: Formal announcement and launch re Scottish dallas projects expected later this month – Worsley #telehealthcare2012

RT @TunstallHealth: Day 2 of #telehealthcare2012. Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing says its vital to integrate #telehealth and #telecare

‘Why today’s NHS leaders need to be more engaging’ – King’s Fund report via @guardian

RT @DavidTovey: Cochrane Reviews of interventions aimed at improving activity and exercise in elderly people…

E-Health Insider :: ‘Summer roll-out for myhealth@QEHB’ – Birmingham Trust patient portal for long term conditions

RT @nursingtimesed: About to debate how technology can enhance and complement practice at #rcncongressDoes it free up time & save money or is just not nursing?

‘Researchers test interpretation accuracy of ECG transmitted by cellphone camera’ via@imedicalapps #telehealth

RT @EU_eHealth: Ethical Literature Review of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) @DigitalAgendaEU

’10 Wearable Devices with sensors To help track health/fitness’ – — @InformationWeek

‘Mobile Medical Apps Gold Rush Needs Scrutiny’ —@InformationWeek #telehealth#mhealth #nhssm

‘Yorkshire Terrier pressed panic alarm to summon help after owner collapsed in shower’ via #telecare

Artificial pancreas – closing the loop between glucose monitors & insulin pumps by sending info from sensor to pump

RT @TheKingsFund: Video highlights from our#integratedcare summit are now available, inc presentations from Ken Kizer and Andrew

RT @profchrisham: the NHS needs to learn from the turnaround of the Veterans Health Administration. Let’s just copy what works

‘Mayo Clinic launches first free app specifically directed at patients’ #telehealth #mhealth #nhssm

‘@shirleyayres Tech and care – also#telehealthcare2012 in Edinburgh (yesterday and today) and various discussions at RCN Congress today

‘Brain implant allows paralysed woman to control a robot with her thoughts’ via@guardian

Implementing the chronic care model for frail older adults in the Netherlands: study protocol of

The #Telecare and #Telehealth History Project@telecareaware – help fill in the knowledge gaps on a history timeline

Costs and benefits of taking statins for over 50s via@Telegraph

‘Diabetes patients in hospital at risk from medication mistakes’ – audit of 13,000 Pts at 230 via @guardian

RT @mithransamuel: Day 2 #cclive @PaulBurstow be speaking plus debate on #socialcare White Paper and launch of @TLAP1‘s Making It…

BBC News: Costs and potential benefits of retirement villages in UK

RT @mroutled: Launch of #makingitreal at #cclivetoday. Markers of personalisation developed by pple using social care – lets get behind this

RT @Paul_Corrigan: Cuts in social care will affect #NHSmore than anticipated

US Study: smartphones can be huge help to visually impaired, but few vision doctors are recommending them to patients

NICE considering advice on comorbidities in guidelines to help GPs manage Pts with multiple conditions more effectively

‘Is Better Technology Still The Future Of Healthcare?’ – Forbes

RT @TomorrowTogethr: 1 in 3 over-65s wants to be more socially active:…#InnovateForAge

RT @rjonesplymouth: Costs & difficulties of recruiting patients to provide e-health support: pilot study in one PCT…


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