News Summary – 22 May 2012 Reply

Reduced readmissions from Pennsylvania based#telehealth programme – mHIMSS

‘Mobile health apps don’t always follow conventional wisdom’ via @kevinmd #telehealth#mhealth #nhssm

‘App shines light on mental health patients’ moods; via @guardian #nhssm#telehealth

E-Health Insider :: ‘Final death knell for HealthSpace’

E-Health Insider :: ‘Four TPP practices pilot records’ access

‘Tunstall Healthcare Celebrates the Delivery of 50,000 Mymedic #Telehealth Systems Worldwide’ via Yahoo Finance

‘Eye control for smartphones, tablets wins European eHealth challenge’ via @mobilehealth#telehealth #nhssm

‘A New Home For Computer Screens: The Face’ via @WSJ

Citizens and ict for health in 14 eu countries: results from an online panel survey (full draft report) #telehealth

‘My Last Wish: a social network for the dying launches’ via @Telegraph #nhssm

RT @TelehealthHull: New @escardio HF guidelines: evidence for #telemonitoring inconsistent – does not yet support guideline…

Social mobility: infographic via@guardian

Telecare Soapbox:’When will telehealth companies start generating income?’ via @telecareaware #telemedicine

Remote Stroke Treatment Helps Save Lives Around North Carolina #telehealth

‘Mobile Technology May Influence Medical School Training’ – Medical School Admissions Doctor (

JTT: Evaluation of diabetes self-management apps for Android – 4 with highest rating out of #telehealth #nhssm

RT @DigiHealthCon: We’ve been busy planning for the#Digihealthcon – you coming?… @CIHM_Becky@mikechitty @claireOT

RT @Tynetec: Getting ready to continue our#TynetecOlympicRoadshow – Heading for Manchester, see you tomorrow if you’re attending. #telecare

RT @NHSSimple: Looking forward to a day in Sunderland. They have brilliant #QIPP ideas on patients helping themselves with cost-effective#telehealth

RT @rjonesplymouth: Costs & difficulties of recruiting patients to provide e-health support: pilot study in one PCT…

RT @TelehealthHull: Review of Android apps targeted at diabetes… (Abstract only)#telehealth #mhealth

RT @TelehealthHull: Study suggests benefits of home-based ECG #telemonitoring during cardiac rehabilitation in HF patients… (Abstract only)

‘Co-operative councils ask residents to design the public services they need’ – Lambeth via @guardian

RT @DHgovuk: A new digital service has been launched to provide new parents with NHS approved

The difficulties of eHealth records/prescriptions implementation – Victoria (Australia)

Sunderland LA and NHS partners provide #telehealthremote monitoring for 50 patients with further 200 envisaged

Paul Burstow and the prospects of getting the social care white paper published via @Telegraph

Access to online health records and test results, e-mail contact with GPs, interoperability? DH health Information Strategy due on 21 May

RT @guardiantech: Improve efficiency – switch off your smartphone

Electronic health records, access to web site info and plug in medical devices – Mass, USA #nhssm

‘Mobile App for Lifesaving Technology? Or Regulated Industry?’ – FDA and regulation of health via @HuffPostTech

RT @mHealthInsight: Will the Future Need Doctors?… Interesting post but I bet musicians said similar when Thomas Edison invented phonograph

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