News Summary – 28 May 2012 Reply

‘Liquid hospitals and the interconnected patient’ #telehealth

‘Telestroke service will save 40 lives and £7m a year, say Northern NHS trusts’ via@guardian #telehealth

‘Blood Pressure Control Improved With Home Telemonitoring By Pharmacists’ via MNT

ECG telemonitoring during home-based cardiac rehabilitation in heart failure patients

Tailored telemonitoring in patients with heart failure: results of multicentre randomized controlled #telehealth

Telemonitoring of Outpatients with Heart Failure: A Search for the Holy Grail? (abstract)

Effect of Home BP Telemonitoring With Self-Care Support on Uncontrolled Systolic Hypertension in Diabetics #telehealth

RT @NHSSimple: With nurses in Shropshire today who were sharing stories of Florence #telehealth directly avoiding hospital admissions in the hot weather.

‘@telecareaware Thanks for the Telecare LIN Newsletter mention #telecare#telehealth #nhssm

RT @DHgovuk: Questions on how providers will be regulated in the new health and care system? Join webchat for #NHS managers Tue 2pm:

RT @bbchealth: VIDEO: Ten-minute test to predict dementia

‘Life got better when Birmingham closed “outdated” care homes’, says study – via

Professor Tony Rudd: ‘telemedicine could aid stroke aftercare’ via @guardian#telehealth #telemedicine

‘Feature: Is telehealthcare, the next big thing?’ – COVER Magazine via @Cover_Mag#telehealth

EHI: NHS Hack Day – developers/docs – 2 days to come up with “disruptive solutions to healthcare problems” #nhssm

RT @Action4Ageing: “…need to rethink how the technology for older people is created and presented.”@age_uk +

‘InTechnology has announced the acquisition of one of the UK’s leading #telehealth companies, United Telehealth’

‘NHS Direct replacement will lead to poorer outcomes, doctors claim’ via @guardian

RT @chrisg_smith@clarkmike Could we get more of this please Seniors giving advice to each other?

RT @HealthFdn: Medication errors in care homes put vulnerable older people at risk. Read more about p’ship to find potential solutions

RT @alzheimerssoc: Watch David Cameron@Number10gov talk about his #dementiachallenge and@alzheimerssoc

May’s TelecareLIN newsletter now available –… #telecare #telehealth#mhealth #nhssm #telemedicine

Design Council/Independence Matters: ‘Growing’s everyone’s business’ – Webcast 10am on 29 May 2012

BJHC covers dallas – delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale – 4 initiatives, 170k people via@healthtechwire

‘@PublicTech covers recent report on #telecare and#socialcare in England – potential costs, savings and benefits

Exploring potential for #telehealth in Brazil –@DocoboUK Visits Leading Hospital in Sao Paolo with@UKTI

‘Remote #telehealth pilot shows promise for patients living with chronic kidney disease’ – France – Healthcare IT News

‘#Telehealth monitoring project allows liver transplant patients to go home’ – 30 patients monitored in

‘New UK network for healthcare app developers (HANDI)’ – London event on 30 May via via @healthtechwire

‘NHS 24 Signs with Capgemini for New Frontline IT Systems’ via Sourcing Focus

Using #telehealth to monitor patients remotely: an RCN guide on using technology to complement nursing practice

Innovation to Exploitation-ALIP Showcase for Ageing Well 2012 – 30/31 May – Bristol #telehealth #nhssm

RT @WEL_Being: Assistive technology embraced by home care users in….

RT @DocoboUK@DocoboUK to participate in the ALIP Showcase for Ageing Well @InnovateUK 30-31

RT @Tynetec: The Tynetec Weekly is out! ▸ Top stories today via@HolyroodConnect @grantshapps @CommunitiesUK

CardioComm Solutions Receives FDA Clearance for Prescription Use of the HeartCheck(TM) ECG PEN – via WSJ MarketWatch

How Mobile Devices are Transforming Healthcare’ – Brookings Inst #mhealth #telehealth#nhssm

RT @trevor_single: Earl Howe responds to HoL question on telemedicine on 23/5 and references 3 million people to benefit from telecare and Telehealth.

E-Health Insider: ‘Mental health trusts text a Buddy’ – SMS records analysed by therapists #mhealth #nhssm

‘Who will persuade hospitals to adopt the NHS information strategy?’ Dick via @guardian

Better buying ‘to save NHS £1.2bn’ claims minister via@Telegraph

RCT Study on HF telemonitoring with ICD/CRT-D – impact on ED visits, office visits, quality of #telehealth

RT @OfficialNHSC: Over 200 followers – thanks! Subscribe to our RSS newsfeeds for regular updates on new & emerging health technologies

‘Qatar exports technology for UK’s NHS’ – telehealth monitoring via @ArabianBusiness#telehealth

‘Improving Your Odds with #mHealth‘ – examples of applications/future challenges via@qualcommspark #telehealth #nhssm

One in three US adults obese costing more than $190 billion a year, according to Institute of

‘Using digital collaboration to help beat cancer’ via @guardian #nhssm

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