News Summary – 29 May 2012 Reply

‘Research dispels old myths about ageing’ via @guardian

Via @nprnews: ‘Patients Crusade For Access To Their Medical Device Data’

State of the art extra care unit for #dementia in Tameside – special features, services, built in technologies

“Independence Matters: Design & Technology Improving Quality of Life – 29 May, available on Vimeo via @designcouncil

RT @NHS24: Scottish Centre for #Telehealth & Telecare are hosting a networking event at Heriot Watt Uni tomorrow. Details

RT @WEL_Being: Technology in the care of older people via <good overview of#telecare and #telehealth

RT @NHSSimple@TelehealthHull @clarkmike:Edinburgh Uni today; Understanding & support for#Telehealth in Lothian more advanced than most of England.

RT @TelehealthHull: Study of stress in nurses working within a telephone health advice… (Abstract only) via@jadvnursing

Study: Effects of Telerehabilitation on Physical Function and Disability for Stroke Patients

RT @ClickCare: ClickCare – Collaboration Software with Images for Telemedicine & Telehealth – FAQ’…

New web site @carerportal – self care, keeping carers up to date, adding/sharing health #telehealth #nhssm

RT @ClickCare: Telemedicine pushes new boundaries: a mobile tele-psychiatry service for rural…

US farmer, 80m from health facility checks hlth record, emails doc, checks lab results, makes apptments from his fields

‘No power in data alone’ – Dr Paul Rice speaking at long term conditions event on 30 May via@govnews #telehealth

RT @designcouncil: More than 2000 older adults have been involved in creating and refining the ideas we’re launching today #InnovateForAge

RT @Mike_Biddle: Independence Matters celebration is about to begin… for live webcast #InnovateForAge

#Telehealth discussions at ‘Tackling Long-Term Conditions: Health and Wellbeing’ – 30 May, via @pserviceevents

‘A new style of leadership for the NHS’ – Chris Ham from the recent summit and report via @guardian

New Report from Nuffield Trust ‘Reforming social care: options for funding’ #socialcare #ukcare

RT @Mike_Biddle: On way to London for the Independence Matters launch – am looking forward to hearing from the projects how we can #InnovateForAge

Derbyshire – ‘#Socialcare projected to be 67% of council’s budget by 2020 – increase from 40% in 2012’ via BBC

RT @Paul_Corrigan: Developing pricing for a ‘year of care’

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