News Summary – 1 June 2012 Reply

RT @NHSSimple: Parents in 9-5/M-F trial of#telehealth Flo for Learning Dis ask for ext’n to 24/7. Improves confd’ce & indepd’ce, saves #QIPP £’s.

RT @shirleyayres: Making #health & #socialcare local & personal < worth reading & includes@whoseshoes @safcbob HT @RichardatKF

‘Providing opportunities for older adults to stay connected is the thing we need to improve’ via@Mike_Biddle Huff Post

RT @WhoseShoes: Today’s #dementia guest blog: In the shoes of…Angie Carter | Assistive Technology specialist #telecare #telehealth

RT @PaulLikeMe: Assistive technology isn’t all iPads and whizzy jeejaws:…

RT @telecareaware#telecare #telehealth Telecare Soapbox: Telehealth and telecare need the opportunity to make a difference

RT @NHSSimple: Diabetes eval’tn (54 pts) using#telehealth Flo, validates pilot results: 65% product’y gain, 75% better meds compliance, 53% better HBA1c

‘5 Ways Mobile Tech Can Improve Your Health’… via @mashable#telehealth #nhssm

RT @malcolmhart: Economist article ‘Squeezing out the Doctor’ Philips technology around the

RT @T2Health: Technology provides new models of care for #PTSD, here are some current

‘Reebok to launch sensor-sticker fitness tracker’ #telehealth #nhssm

‘Smart contact lenses, vital sign sensors to kick mobile health up a notch’ – Govt Health IT #nhssm

‘North Rhine-Westphalia – ‘My Heart’ project to provide telecare to patients with left-sided heart failure’ #telehealth

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