News Summary – 31 May 2012 Reply

‘Kaiser puts mobile health first – ‘care where you are’ – reminders, test results, Rx, e-mails’ #nhssm

Study looking at effect on diabetes care of change to digital records via Chicago Tribune

‘Meet your doctor (please don’t unplug it)’ – telestroke in Cumbria/Lancs via @Independent#telehealth

NIH-funded study in US examines use of mobile technology to improve diet and activity #telehealth #nhssm

Study: ‘Cancer Patients Share Online Data To Gain Doctors’ Insight, Advice’ – iHealthBeat #nhssm

Coordinated Care Organisations in Oregon cities for Medicaid patients via @nprnews

RT @IntellectUK: What role will digital play in healthcare in 2025? Share your view June 5-7

‘Time for a power shift in the NHS’ – Richard via @guardian

Telemonitoring and the control of Blood Pressure – study #telehealth

‘Glooko IR Adapter Connects Patients’ iPhones to Their Glucose Meters’ via @medgadget#mhealth #telehealth #nhssm

Study: ‘Pedometers may help elderly move more’ via @reuters

Study: Clinicians in Management – Does it make a Difference?

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