News Summary – 5 June 2012 Reply

‘Walmart clinics go live with the cloud’ – remote video consultations via Healthcare IT News

Healthcare IT News looks at some #mhealthinnovations and barriers to adoption #nhssm

Review of book ‘e-patients live longer’ by Nancy #telehealth #nhssm

Study – ‘Implantable sensor provides a less-invasive alternative for monitoring pressure within the skull’ #telehealth

‘Better, Faster, Smarter—What’s Next For Connected Health’ #telehealth #nhssm

‘Telehomecare Research Project Launched’ – Toronto study looks at telemonitoring & scheduling, system #telehealth

HbA1c levels and all-cause mortality in type 2 diabetic patients – need for personalised therapeutic

‘Engaging Patients In Care Planning – What Providers Say And How They Say It Matters’ via HealthWorks Collective

‘Smartphone application empowers patients with content tailored to their needs’ via@computerworld #telehealth #nhssm

‘5 Ways Mobile Apps Will Transform Healthcare’ – Forbes #telehealth #nhssm

Smart cities – 100m sensors for 250k people in new Portugal city – benefits and impact on

NY Times:The Trouble With ‘Doctor Knows Best’ – ‘good at inventing new tests, less good at people who should have them’

‘Get Ready for #mHealth – why physicians should become familiar with mobile heath tools’ #nhssm

‘SEHTA to co-ordinate development of technology for independent living’ – BJHC #telecare#telehealth #innovateforage

‘Progress Report 2012: Health care renewal in Canada’ – includes progress on #telehealth

Study Compares Effectiveness of Telephone-Administered vs. Face-to-Face Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

‘Don’t Let Health off the Hook on World Environment Day’ – Dr Mark Britnell via@HuffPostUK #telehealth

US study of ‘hospital at home service’ with #telehealthprovided – 323 Patients, mostly in late 70’

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