News Summary – 7 June 2012 Reply

‘Vodafone and Telefonica form joint-venture to share 18,500 network sites, boost UK mobile coverage’ via @TNWmobile

‘iSonea Unveils AsthmaSense App for iOS and Android’ #telehealth #nhssm

‘Open-source medical devices: When code can kill or cure’ | The Economist #telehealth#nhssm

‘Is Technology Killing or Curing Healthcare?’ via HealthTechZone #telehealth #nhssm

#Telehealth in Canada – summary from recent studies – mostly benefits listed with a few #mhealth

‘Consult A Doctor – 24/7 Medical Consultations to the i-Phone’ via MarketWatch #nhssm

In US, AARP and Microsoft partner on PHR aimed at seniors #telehealth

‘Looking for geeks who love the NHS’ – Guardian’s ‘patient from hell’ covers the recent hack via @guardian #nhssm

Report looks at how NHS money is being used in#socialcare around the country – wide variations@Telegraph #ukcare

‘Councils turn to arm’s-length bodies to save money on public services’ via @guardian

Read The Carers newspaper ▸ today’s top stories via@clarkmike ▸…

‘Best Practices for Heart Failure: A Focused Review’ via Healthcare Nurse

MHP Health Mandate’s report on atlas of variations in social care – #telecare data &

‘Mobile health innovators fighting some stubborn foes’ – Neil Versel at Mobihealthnews #mhealth#telehealth #nhssm

RT @HomeCareUK: Commitment of local authorities to health and social care integration questioned by MHP health report:….#socialcare

RT @worcs_telecare: When a customer needs help, our operators will stay on the line and keep them reassured until help arrives. More here:

Complex Disease Management-What’s Next for #mHealth ? managing disease with #mobileapps

RT Complex Disease Management-What’s Next for #mHealth ? managing disease with #mobileapps

RT @DyingMatters: Imagine dying in the sole company of a talking robot: “I am here to comfort you. You are not alone, you are with me.”

RT @DHgovuk@DHgovuk & @cabinetofficeukworking together to support frontline services with £19m investment for social enterprises

New – @dallas_connect aims to network dallas communities to explore innovative products/services to improve lives of older people in UK

Habinteg HA in Euro project on ICT solutions for older/disabled people to live #telecare #innovateforage

‘Designing digital public services:where we went wrong’ – mobile app ‘Buddy’ for mental health via @guardian #nhssm

#Partners across Europe commit to work together for active & healthy ageing’ #innovateforage

E-Health Insider :: ‘Doctors advised about ensuring confidentiality of group e-mails to patients’ #telehealth #nhssm

‘Harnessing Mobile Technology to Improve Children’s Health’ – UN Foundation/Mobile Health via @HuffPostImpact

RT @iHealthBeat: New Algorithm Uses Patient Data To Predict Future Health Conditions –

‘Care Innovations uses social networks to connect seniors to doctors, caregivers’ – #telehealth

PWC/EIU Report: ‘Consumers Ready for mHealth, Doctors Less So’ and #mhealth #nhssm

RT @TunstallHealth: RCN Guidelines Highlight#Telehealth Benefits

RT @Tynetec: a short video that describes how telecare systems work & shows how the latest Reach & Touch can help…

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