News Summary – 22 June 2012 Reply

Paper due from BMJ on Friday covering WSD#telehealth outcomes – mortality, admissions,…

RT @kevinmd: Could mobile apps replace doctors?

#ff – @dallas_connect for latest on Technology Strategy Board dallas programme #assistedliving #telecare#telehealth #innovateforage

#ff – @tomorrowtogethr #assistedliving#telecare #telehealth #ukcare

RT @3MillLives: Follow @3MillLives for the latest on the Three Million Lives initiative in

RT @3MillLives: Effect of #telehealth on use of secondary care and mortality: findings from the #WSDcluster randomised trial – BMJ

RT @3MillLives: Telehealth findings from #WSD trial confirmed in BMJ today – trial resulted in 11% fewer inpatient admissions for #telehealth users

RT @3MillLives: BMJ Paper on #WSD confirms 45% redn in mortality rates & 20% reduction in emerg admissions – great to have clinical assurance many GPs want

RT @3MillLives: Future BMJ paper to cover #wsd#telehealth costs from 2008-2010. @3MillLivesmodeling underway at current (lower) equipment/service costs

#ff Telecare Services Association – @TeleServAssoc and trevor_single #telecare #telehealth #mhealth and national conference in Nov 2012

BMJ Editorial alongside Whole System Demonstrator paper: #Telehealth for long term conditions (may require sub)

#ff for 3 Million Lives and Whole System Demonstrator outcomes – @3MillLives #telehealth#telecare #WSD

RT @ProgressHG#Telecare can be life changing for carers – support & independence for you & your loved one. Find out more #carersweek

Launch of “The Disruptive Social Care Podcast”, shining a light on innovation in @shirleyayres

@cathieb Cathie, you can also send a direct message if you want more details

RT @TunstallHealth: Findings from the WSD#telehealth trial have been confirmed by the #BMJtoday – you can read the full report here

#ff to @shirleyayres and @MindingsStu for the first Disruptive Social Care Podcast – innovation in#socialcare

RT @NuffieldTrust: New publication: our evaluation of the impact of #telehealth on use of hospital care & mortality. Download the report

RT @NuffieldTrust: New blog: Adam Steventon discusses the first findings of the Whole System Demonstrator trial #telehealth. Read more

RT @Mike_Biddle#eHealth & #Telemedicine 2012 call for abstracts: Deadline is 17:00 (GMT) 02/07/12 #telecare #telehealth #wsd

RT @connectedhealth: Call for papers! Applying Telemedicine to Population Health Deadline is July 20th

RT @NHSlocal: So if consulting a doctor via new technology is being done on television & in the private sector, why not in the NHS?

Report: ‘Enabling Patient-Centered Care Through Health Information Technology’ – AHRQ (June 2012)

RT @TheKingsFund: New #WSD study published in@bmj_latest For more on WSD see our#telehealth topic:

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