News Summary – 13 July 2012 Reply

#ff for #telecare #telehealth & #assisted living updates – 1) dallas communities @dallas_connect 2) Three Million lives @3MillLives

RT @AlvolutionCare: If you saw #whenim65 last night check out products that can enable someone you love to live at home for longer

RT @shirleyayres: New @Demos #AgeingSociablyreport explores how businesses can do more to tackle loneliness in older age #ukcare

Can social impact bonds cut health and social care costs? via @guardian

#ff #ukcare 1) @shirleyayres & @MindingsStu for disruptive social care podcasts 2) Gill Phillips@WhoseShoes for great series on #dementia

‘Financial Benefits of #Telehealth‘ – Health Leaders Media

RT @TunstallHealth: Birmingham City Council leader endorses #telecare service from Tunstall in Leader’s Policy Statement #SirBore

Talking labels for medication – pharmacist trial commences in Scotland – looking for more #telecare

‘Pendle patients can now see doctor via new video link’ – programme commences for LTCs #telemedicine

‘Why Rebecca Stanley is most definitely my inspiration’ by Helen Allen – personalisation in social via @guardian

RT @Ermintrude2: Social care white paper is a wasted opportunity via @gdnsocialcare some more thoughts from me

‘Building a business case for investing in adaptive technologies in England’ – LSE/PSSRU #innovateforage

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