News Summary – 14 July 2012 Reply

‘Digital is best medicine for health industry’ – Canadian article on Eric Topol (‘Creative Destruction of Medicine’)

‘That’s No Phone. That’s My Tracker’ – making calls is fifth-most-popular activity for smartphones – NY

RT @GeraintLewis: When is a virtual ward not a virtual ward? All too often, it… @Lorrainemwright@RVaithianathan @IrfanDhalla

Comparison of physician staffed emergency teams with paramedic teams assisted by #telemedicine – simulation study

E-Rehabilitation – Internet & mobile phone based intervention to enhance selfmanagement of CVD: study protocol

German Study: Myths About Older People’s Use of Information and Communication

Technology Strategy Board – Benefits to the Economy Evaluation – dallas programme – contract

Will EHRs trigger ‘electronic consultations’? – recent Kaiser report – Govhealthit #telehealth

Trial protocol to improve nutrition behaviours using mobile devices/tailored text messaging in young #telehealth

‘States Jumping on the #Telehealth Bandwagon’ – more US states enacting laws to allow

‘VA #Telehealth Program Aims To Extend Specialty Care to Vets’ – iHealthBeat

‘Florida Retirement Community Adopts #Telehealth as Linchpin of ACO’ – Healthcare

VA #telemedicine pilot has specialists training rural primary care docs – FierceHealthIT:

Stroke #Telemedicine: An interview with Séamus Watson (NHS S England)

Study: Telemedicine and telecare for older patients- A systematic review #telecare #telehealth#telemedicine

‘Controlling your computer with your eyes’ – low cost option being explored by Imperial College

New Mobile App for Smartphones Helping Doctors Avoid Patients’ Misunderstanding – #telehealth #nhssm

‘Home Monitoring for Seniors Will Drive 36m Wearable Wireless Device Market, Says ABI Research’ #telehealth

RT @NHSlocal: Bring on Skype for easier GP access, say more than half of NHS patients

Researchers evaluate new social media tool to treat type I and II #diabetes #nhssm #telehealth

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