News Summary – 23 July 2012 Reply

‘Why social workers are vital to the success of #telecare‘ – Frances Thompson at Wakefield Council via@ComCareAdults

‘Currently more than 200,000 Australians are using some form of medical alarm’ – Aged Care #telecare

RT @HealthFdn: Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and@srmanorlands are using technology to support patients with cancer in their own homes

RT @KT_Equal: Dementia Design Conference, making a positive difference to those living with dementia,14/09/2012 @SalfordUni Book

RT @WhoseShoes: Round up of “In my shoes” Week 8 – popular series of daily guest blogs raising awareness of#dementia Please RT

#Telehealth trial for Dorset COPD and heart failure patients

‘Too Much Hype in the Mobile Health App World?’ via @HealthyLiving #mhealth#telehealth #nhssm

RT @WhoseShoes: Appropriate use of assistive technology can help people w #dementia maintain independence: #telecare via@CarterAngie

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