News Summary – 25 July 2012 Reply

RT @nhsconfed: Developing and supporting telehealth in the NHS: A webinar to discuss the potential for the development of teleh…

‘4 New IEEE Standards-Development Projects for Medical-Device Communications Underway’ via WSJ Marketwatch #telehealth

Developing and supporting #telehealth in the NHS –@NHSConfed Webinar on 4 Sept

‘Healthcare IT should do no harm’ – in a world where data flows where it is needed, as it is via @computerworld

‘MGH, Brigham ink #telemedicine deal aimed at Fortune 500′ – employees in remote via @BBJNewsroom #telehealth

Technology Strategy Board – Call for innovation to help people live active lives via@innovate_uk @tomorrowtogethr

BBC News: Newcastle Univ study – ‘quarter of 87 to 89-year-olds had undiagnosed heart problem, in tests on 300 people’

‘Department of Health awards £500m contact centre services deal’ via @guardian

#Telehealth specialist consultations ‘indispensable’ to health equity for rural people – Queensland,

‘Scarborough Care Home’s Pioneering use of #Telecare‘ – supports 21 people living with

‘Three new trends for consumer health apps’ via mobihealthnews #nhssm #telehealth

RT @TheBHF: Our researchers in Newcastle have discovered that one in four very elderly people have overlooked heart problems:

‘The rise of social care ‘e-services” @guardian #nhssm #telehealth #socialcare

DH are tweeting the Care and Support Bill clauses (17 so far) @CareSupportBill – comment online at

‘Communication breakdown: improving dialogue between seniors and the state’ via@guardian #innovateforage

‘What health professionals should know about#dementia‘ via @guardian

‘Cleveland Fire Brigade takes on home alarms service’ –#telecare in Redcar and Cleveland

‘Physician robot to begin making rounds’ @computerworld #telemedicine #telehealth

‘@Carl_Appello – Thanks Carl – heard the #telehealthdiscussion last night – now on iPlayer (7m 15s) –

RT @Mark_Hanson: 88% of physicians want patients to monitor health parameters at home. @MisfitWearableshealth devices at a…

RT @Dewsbury: My latest article on telecare in residential…

RT @TheKingsFund: For more on #telehealth & the Whole System Demonstrator results catch up w/@goodwin_nick‘s @BBCRadio4 interview (7:20)

US mkt for patient monitoring from $3.9bn (2007) to $8.9bn (2011) – forecast $20.9bn (2016) – Info #telehealth

US estimate – ‘failure to take prescription medications as directed could cost up to $300bn pa from ER & other visits’

Use of #telecare in Wolverhampton for 16 people with learning disabilities in supported living schemes (slides)

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