News Summary – 30 July 2012 Reply

#Telecare & #Telehealth news from around the world – July 2012 Newsletter/Supplements from KTN/TelecareLIN

‘New technology coming to boost preventive care’ via amednews #telehealth #mhealth #nhssm

‘Developing a smartphone app to diagnose pneumonia’ via @SFGate #telehealth #mhealth#nhssm

‘Formula 1 technology used in hospital’ – monitoring vital signs, collecting continuous data in intensive

‘Dutch builds community for #dementia patients’ – The National

#Telecare & #Telehealth news from around the world – July 2012 Newsletter & supplements from KTN/TelecareLIN

‘#Telehealth is moving too fast for a peer-reviewed academic report’ Dick Vinegar’s latest in via @guardian

RT @MilesAyling: Developing use of direct payments in residential care. DH seeks expressions of interest from LAs for development sites

RT @UK_ABHI: For Children Who Cannot Speak, a True Voice via Technology

RT @ComCareAdults: Is this the future of residential care for people with dementia? Piece on Anchor’s new West Hall home

Legalities around #telehealth prescribing in US

RT @NHSSimple@clarkmike At Shropdoc today, exploring new ways to use #telehealth Flo in general practice for self care.

RT @TunstallHealth: Tunstall’s website has a new look, and it’s full of information on #telehealth and #telecare. Visit to find out more!

@clarkmike thanks for the #deukcare mention in#Telecare & #Telehealth news from around the world July 2012 🙂

First telepresence robots to support visiting nurses in Hew Hampshire – eg wound healing #telehealth

‘Remote monitoring seeks business models – few devices/reminder systems connect to EHRs’ – mobihealthnews #telehealth

‘Unclear if ICU #telemedicine can save hospitals money’ – discussion of evaluations/costs – Chicago Health Tribune

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