News Summary – 1 August 2012 Reply

‘NHS is failing patients with neurological conditions’, claims report from Neurological via @guardian

Health eTowns – delivering healthcare services to remote communities in Australia #telemedicine

‘6 lessons from California on making #telemedicinepolicy a reality’ #telehealth

#Telehealth in Gloucestershire – recent

RT @ZDNetUK: 4G in the UK: What it is, when it’s coming and what it means for you #4g#mobile #broadband #digitalbritain

#Telecare from South Korea

RT @MBirty: New @MHPHealth & @NeuroAlliancereport finds that neurology is being neglected in key#NHSreform levers

Baby sensor cap test to learn how autism develops via@Telegraph

RT @axelheitmueller: John Oldham: most underused resource in healthcare is the patient #healthsummit#ghps2012

How a US facility integrates #telemedicine, nursing and rehabilitation approaches for ‘Parkinson’s Disease’ #telehealth

RT @GPonlinenews: NICE reveals first set of targets for commissioners #gpnews

RT @MilesAyling: Up to 75% of secondary care follow ups could be done by phone or Skype #in

‘QIPP Digital technology essentials guide’ from NHS Networks #telehealth #telecare#telemedicine #nhssm

DH: Commissioning toolkit for respiratory services published

‘Text4Health tackles diabetes in New Orleans – 60% population at risk’ #telehealth #mhealth#nhssm

RT @PaulLikeMe: Age UK Q’s Cameron on what our plan will be for aging. A: diverting funds to NHS, efficiency, home care, telemedicine #ghps2012

Q&A: VA’s Adam Darkins on #telemedicine, EHRs and ‘an Internet for healthcare’ #telehealth

RT @johnsculley: Telehealth Trends Put Consumers In Control of Their Health Care. #Sculley

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