News Summary – 18 August 2012 Reply

‘Aircraft monitoring technology could benefit heart patients’

‘Redesigning hospital rooms for health’ via @MarketWatch#innovateforage #tomorrowtogethr

‘New Skin Health Monitor Tracks Vital Signs and Activity’ via Healthtech Zone #telehealth#nhssm

TIME Techland: ‘How to Carry Your Doctor in Your Pocket’ via @Techland #mhealth#telehealth #nhssm

Researchers found consumers ahead in acceptance of mobile health. Developing nation adoption faster than in U.S.

@clarkmike @3milllives @QIPPfor LTC Exciting week coming up as interactive COPD+CHF #telehealth Q&A goes live on Flo from 48p/week.

@StuartBerry1 Some coverage of Wirral COPD#Telehealth (Dr Peter Naylor) in July 2012

@StuartBerry1 @clarkmike good blog … thanks for sharing.

@StuartBerry1 #WSD trial design – published protocol#telecare and #telehealth…

@StuartBerry1 #telehealth also from Essex –

@StuartBerry1 Predictive Risk (PARR30) and also at NT

@StuartBerry1 Not sure on final outcomes of Central Lancs #telehealth – here is a link

@StuartBerry1 Southampton COPD #telehealth from Slide 8 at

@StuartBerry1 Evidence – I list new evalns/projects monthly & produce a yearly list. Also KF database has some entries

@StuartBerry1 Confirmed COPD diagnosis and pt finding is important together with handling 150/200 units – some interventions may be short

@clarkmike thanks. I wonder what frequency of monitoring they are using? And what

@clarkmike thanks. I think we need to review the existing evidence base & consider what we could do to contribute to it #elth #COPD

@StuartBerry1 most recent #telehealth and COPD announcement is North Devon

@StuartBerry1 For COPD, Southampton has also tried monitoring with just the #telehealth symptom checker questions (no BP) – sputum changes

@clarkmike the remote monitoring will be for a finite period whilst we assess how it’s use complements existing care packages ( or not)

@StuartBerry1 You may also be interested in co-morbidities – often not COPD alone – could impact on monitoring plans

@clarkmike thanks. We have defined inclusion & exclusion aiming this at patients with COPD admission in past year

@StuartBerry1 Blog article looks fine. You may be interested in pt selection, when is best time (eg hosp discharge), how long provided

Bath mat with sensors could be early warning system to predict & prevent diabetic foot ulcers

COPD #telehealth in East Lancs – Pendle GP@StuartBerry1 would like some comments on article re monitoring, cost etc

RT @clarkmike: Telehealth: implications of ‘connected care’. A business view that clinicians need to

RT @andrewspong: Ear-worn sensor could be used to gather patients’ vital signs | theengineer#device

Well/NY Times: ‘How Much Can Patients Learn in a 15-Minute Doctor Visit?’

@COPDdoc Kent had staff from TH programme. Cornwall had no previous TH experience & set up 24/7 centre – covered in regional events

@COPDdoc – Each site had different arrangements – addtl CMs trained/recruited, one site set up 24/7 telehealth centre, some staff diverted

@COPDdoc Not disagreeing with authors or your points – would like to see full picture across all 5 eval themes & hear again from site leads

‘@COPDdoc No, I am not saying BMJ authors are wrong. Possible different data breakdowns per site – only 3 site plus 3 condn data currently

‘@COPDdoc #WSD – Full 5 evaluation themes may help with some explanations. Evaluators not site based compared to project mgmt arrangements

‘@COPDdoc For #WSD need to link first BMJ paper with interviews from site staff. No utilisation breakdown per site or per LTC yet

‘@COPDdoc Usual care/intervention arrangements were different across sites as explained in #WSD events (2009-2011) by site leads/project mgr

‘@StuartBerry1 In #WSD pts laid daily data & followed for 12m. In USA, periods are often shorter (reimbursement issues), still daily data

‘@COPDdoc @dean_jenkins @StuartBerry1 #WSDincluded COPD. #telehealth data not yet broken down by condn. Usual care different on each site

‘@StuartBerry1 #Telehealth map shows examples in England – (colour coded for COPD etc)

‘@StuartBerry1 Telecare LIN newsletter and supplements list COPD & other LTCs for #telehealthremote monitoring

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