News Summary – 20 August 2012 Reply

Telescot programme:Continuity, but at what cost? The impact of telemonitoring COPD on continuities of #telehealth

‘Allscripts Integrating #Telehealth into EHR’

#telehealth infographic by Excalibur – growing shortage of physicians in US…

Mobile Phones Help Community Health Care Workers Diagnose, Treat Patients – Tanzania – Harvard School of Public Health

“@anniecoops: @clarkmike @stuartberry1 on Sunday evenings I drink wine and watch silent witness#spreadsheetsareboring

@anniecoops @clarkmike @stuartberry1 There is a place for spreadsheets. And a place for drinking wine. And I guess a strange place 4 both

@clarkmike @stuartberry1 on Sunday evenings I drink wine and watch silent witness #spreadsheetsareboring

@StuartBerry1 I maintain spreadsheets, Google maps of #telecare #telehealth #telemedicine – included in accessible TelecareLIN newsletters

UK Study: ‘#Telecare, surveillance, and the welfare state’ #telehealth

‘#Telemedicine ROI: A Needle in a Haystack’ – GlobalMed #telehealth

‘FCC’s #telehealth pilot shows how broadband improves rural healthcare’ – CMIO

Swedish Study: Remote Monitoring or Close Encounters? Ethical Considerations in Priority Setting Regarding #Telecare

‘Sensors help seniors age at home’ #telehealth

‘Continuing Healthcare: deadline looms for ‘secret’ care fund’ via @guardian

‘@StuartBerry1 – more info on tele-consultation via Airedale in Yorkshire – contact Richard Pope #telehealth

‘5 ways healthcare innovators are helping old people’ #innovateforage @tomorrowtogethr

‘Medtronic Launches CareLink Express Service for implanted cardiac devices’ #telehealth

Japan: Docomo says remote monitoring will be “key service” – MobileHealthLive #telehealth#mhealth #nhssm

RT @NHSSimple@clarkmike @3milllives @QIPPforLTC Exciting week coming up as interactive COPD+CHF#telehealth Q&A goes live on Flo from 48p/week.

‘Videoconferencing Receives Progressively More Limelight in the #Telemedicine Market – Frost & Sullivan’ #telehealth

‘Malicious Meddling or Transparent Tracking?#Telecare as Logical Extension of Modern Comms Technology’ #telehealth

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