News Summary – 22 August 2012 Reply

BBC news video: Daisy Hill Hosp (NI) recruits robots to aid care

BBC News Video: ‘Webcams used for Nottingham stroke patients’ #telehealth

‘Telehealth: the benefits of video conferencing’ via @guardian #telehealth

‘How to … use housing staff to diagnose and manage#dementia‘ via @guardian

BBC Click video: ‘Latest tech keeping the elderly safe’ #innovateforage #telecare #telehealth#mhealth

RT @GPonlinenews: Only 36 patients have made use of flexibilities offered by DH patient choice #gpnews

RT @Carl_Appello: Take a look at Appello’s new video, and find out how our unique nurse-led telehealth service works.

RT @GdnHealthcare: Enjoyed our piece on #telehealththis morn? We;ve got a whole load of content on the issue, Check it out here:

Hands On Telehealth video interview with ATA’s Jon Linkous #telehealth #telemedicine

‘The benefit of apps in healthcare’ Guy Smallman from Coventry Univ Health Design & Tech via @guardian

‘Focusing on Can Instead of Can’t: How Consumer Electronics Empower those with Special Needs’ – #innovateforage

For and against med app regulation – forum #telehealth #mhealth #nhssm

RT @HealthStandards: Most Doctors Interested in Mobile Access to #EHR Systems, Survey #HealthIT #HITsm

‘Will smart pills, cash boost drug compliance?’ – AmedNews looks at major US problem #mhealth #nhssm

‘Robotic Hand Will Be Able To Detect Everything From Abnormal Breast Lumps To Enlarged Lymph Nodes’ via @FastCoExist

‘Hector: Robotic Assistance for the Elderly’ – #innovateforage@TomorrowTogethr

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