News Summary – 23 August 2012 Reply

‘Class divide in health widens, says thinktank’ – King’s Fund Study via @guardian

RACGP (Australia) provide #telehealth support officers for video consults, implementation guidance, advice on Skype etc

BBC News: Audit Commission report looks at variation in #socialcare assessment costs

‘Councils urged to replace social workers with non-qualified staff’ – Audit Commission Report – Community Care

Wireless sensor tags – links to smartphones – motion, temperature, out of range notification #nhssm

‘NHS reforms will lead to ‘tsunami of bureaucracy” – Mike Farrar, NHS Confed via

#Telehealth advocate, Dr. Jay Sanders outlines some potential advantages of video consults – Hands On Telehealth

‘NHS waiting times may increase at one in three flagship hospitals’ Monitor report via

BBC News: Heart failure implant operation trialled in UK

RT @nicolaziady: App Overload for Doctors?#Infographic for #hcsm & #hcmktg…

‘Happtique Piloting New Platform for Prescribing Mobile Health Apps’ – iHealthBeat #telehealth#mhealth #nhssm

Physician assessments of med adherence & management for patients with uncontrolled BP: still no better than a coin toss

RT @NHSSimple: In the North East today using#telehealth to link teams across 3 #NHS boundaries. Patient centric Telehealth for #QIPP

RT @TelehealthHull: Feasibility of using#teleconsultation to enhance care of people with Parkinson’s Disease (Abstract)… #telehealth

“@clarkmike: Physician assts of med adherence & mgmt for patients with uncontrolled BP: no better than a coin toss. Same for other LTC’s??

Tunstall Launches Next-Generation Home #TelecareSolution, Lifeline Vi via eHealthNews

‘Reduce Elder Care Spending by Helping Seniors to Avoid Hospitals’ – healthcare politics in US elections – Health 2.0

‘Momentum for home monitoring of costly chronic diseases’ – 75% healthcare spending in US – mobihealthnews #telehealth

Self management of Diabetes in Scotland – and #telehealth

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