News Summary – 24 August 2012 Reply

RT @Ermintrude2: Is Social Work necessary in Assessments?

Expanding mental health care video consults in South Australia #telehealth

RT @clarkmike: Expanding #mentalhealth care video consults in South Australia #telehealth

‘The Doctor Will Skype You Now’ – Georgia Partnership for #Telehealth access to paediatrician – Bloomberg Business Wk

Exploring barriers to participation/adoption of#telehealth & #telecare within the #WSD trial: a qualitative study

RT @trished: Letting patients control access to their medical records has obvious benefits. Do these outweigh the risks? T

Forbes in an article on ‘why great innovations fail’ looks at ‘The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation’ by Ron

#ff to @MilesAyling – UK health innovation

#ff to @telecareaware for daily news and discussion on#telecare #telehealth and related areas

#ff to @FASTATUK – Foundation for Assistive Technology working with AT community to support innovation and good practice

‘How useful are randomised controlled trials in evaluating new ways of delivering care?’ Adam Steventon, Nuffield Trust

Adam Steventon @NuffieldTrust from #WSD evaluation looks at value of RCTs and other #telecare #telehealth

RT @AlvolutionCare: Get a free downloadable guide “Technology to help you in your home” for useful ideas & products for independent living

#ff for upcoming #telecare & #telehealth conferences in the UK

‘virtual house calls’ – 14,000 US physicians, free, multiple opinions via smartphone – #telehealth #mhealth

RT @3MillLives#ff Olivia Eyers @liveyers – Industry Project Manager for @3MillLives

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