News Summary – 10 October 2012 Reply

@WhoseShoes – Gill, ah, the joys of spellcheckers and autocorrects, particularly on phones and tablets

‘Pensioners may have to wait years for elderly care funding’, warns Jeremy Hunt at fringe meeting via@Telegraph

RT @NuffieldTrust: Latest slideshow: David Tyas describes a view from the frontline of

‘Honey, I shrunk the health record’ – Kaiser’s mobile web site and 24/7 access – Ragan Healthcare #telehealth

RT @AmericanTelemed: With #Telemedicine as a bridge, no hospital is an island…

‘Health Messages on Social Media Could Help Curb STIs, Study Finds’ – iHealthBeat

Georgia Institute of Technology – development of home-based screening tool for #dementia

@wakelym Yes, I think this one would be dangerous if I let it loose with #aurocorrect… 🙂 @clarkmike

@ArtyElk @clarkmike Yup, we nearly had regalement instead of reablement too. Too much regatta watching, methinks!

@WhoseShoes @clarkmike The technology was developed to make us all question our sanity, and it works! 😉 #SpellChecker #AutoCorrect

Why, when I type “telecare” … does my spellchecker ask if I mean “tableware”? No, actually, that would make no sense at all.. @clarkmike

‘Patients want texts and emails, in sickness and in health’ | Healthcare IT News #telehealth

Elderly care rises to top of voters concerns < #carecrisis needs urgent resolution! HT@clarkmike

RT @IndependentAge: 10 things we learned about#socialcare funding from this year’s party

RT @SurajBassi: Great speakers confirmed for our next event on telecare/…*2_*2_*2_lna_PENDING_*2%2Egmr_2017985%2Egde_2017985_member_173790148@ImperialBiz @ImperialMBA @MBLondon

‘Texting the Teenage Patient’ – docs using text, FB, social media – NY Times #telehealth#mhealth

@EricTopol @clarkmike interesting I worked with/on organic mass specs in the late 70s – it was being discussed then

Study: ‘Telemonitoring for BP Control Can Work’ #telehealth

RT @TeleServAssoc: Training for #telecare #telehealthsector a key part of service development. A few places avail for 2012 training days

RT @EricTopol: Digitizing humans via one’s A rich source of diagnostic info#digitalhealth

Euro project on ICT and services for independent living@casa_eu #telecare #telehealth

Online Care survey from @Care_Calls

‘Mobile Medical Apps – Where is the Evidence?’ via @medappjournal #telehealth#mhealth

RT @WhoseShoes: AMBITIOUS! ‘The time has come to unleash the power of information technology in #health#socialcare‘ via @clarkmike

@clarkmike Co-morbid pts being referred for#telehealth +Flo. Todays case:=Mental Health+Left Ventricular Hypertrophy+Aortic Stenosis++

RT @NuffieldTrust: Xavier Chitnis discusses the effect of #telehealth alerts on service use in our latest audio slideshow

‘#Ehealth vital link for older Americans’ – #telehealth #mhealth

RT @clarkmike: ‘Elderly care rises to top of voters’ concerns’ via @Telegraph #kvalreg

‘Elderly care rises to top of voters’ concerns’ via@Telegraph

RT @CrispinDowler: HSJ Exclusive: Govt may use Care Bill to make NHS commissioners share budgets with local authorities:…

AMBITIOUS! ‘The time has come to unleash the power of information technology in #health & via @clarkmike

RT @GovComputing: Tim Kelsey tells @GillHitchcockthat he wants a paperless NHS by 2015

‘The time has come to unleash the power of information technology in health and #socialcare‘ Tim Kelsey at#HETT_Expo

“@clarkmike ‘NHS reforms should give patients more power and control’ – Jeremy via @guardian

RT @DementiaView: Debunking the Myths of Older Adult #Falls via…

‘NHS reforms should give patients more power and control’ – Jeremy Taylor via@guardian

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