News Summary – 15 October 2012 Reply

‘JewelPUMP Insulin Delivery Platform with Smartphone Remote Control’ via@medgadget #telehealth

RT @JonPTLindberg: Adrian Flowerday MD@DocoboUK talks about state of telehealth, its disruptive potential and how it’s now starting to take off.

RT @bobjbrown: Some good #Telehealth examples at#qni2012 conference today – still lot’s of work to do to increase the update of technologies e.g local R&D

#Telehealth services for 350,000 Californians – 24/7 phone and 7am-9pm video consults, short term prescriptions

‘Redefining Medicine With Apps and iPads’ NY #telehealth

‘Global smart pill technology market to grow 17 percent annually’ – Med City News #telehealth

Following Wired Health Conf from NYC #WIREDHealth– quantified self also today #DHC12 and from Tuesday – #MayoRagan

Video from S Carolina: Telestroke program, maternal fetal #telemedicine program, Virtual TeleConsult #telehealth

Scientists link mobile phone popln movement and malaria spread – 15m mobile phones in Kenya – iHealthBeat

‘Electronic reminders for docs for patient colorectal cancer tests failed to increase screening rates’ – iHealthBeat

@clarkmike now that’s what I call an eye-catching tweet!

‘Underwear designed to jolt buttocks with electricity may be able to prevent pressure sores’ – costs NHS £2bn per yr

.@clarkmike @fastcoexist clever, but I’d be surprised if something as sensitive as claimed didn’t cause a lot of harm through overdiagnosis.

MHealth Identified as Major Growth Sector in Healthcare – Especially with Support from FCC – Health Tech Zone h

‘One Day, This Bra Could Detect Breast Cancer’ – sensor in undewear monitors temperature via @FastCoExist

‘GP commissioning and the importance of patient responsibilities and rights’ – GP Online

‘Stepping up security efforts in mobile health and medical devices’ – addressing some of the #telehealth

‘Patient Engagement is the Blockbuster Drug of the Century’ and ‘Open Notes a New Medicine’ – Dave Chase – Forbes

RT @WoodcoteEwan: Can Government act successfully as the disruptive force in health care “No” says the panel at #EHI summit @tkelsey1

RT @WoodcoteEwan: Hard times might be good for NHS. Need to force decommissioning to get cash savings from innovation in #telecare Says panel at #ehi summit

RT @clarkmike @TheQNI – Race on how to apply new technology to health and social care? Smart new world@CarterAngie #qni2012

‘Race on how to apply new technology to health and social care – Smart new world’ #qni2012 – corrected Twitter address for @CarterAngie

RT @TheQNI: Race on how to apply new technology to health and social care . Smart new world @angiecarter#qni2012

RT @TheQNI: ‘It feels like I have my own physician. ‘ patients feedback of telehealth #qni2012

‘@clarercgp Dr Natasha Burgert (Kansas City) uses Twitter, FB, SMS to keep in contact with Pts – CBS video #telehealth

RT @TeleServAssoc: NowIP group working to bring new capabilities to #telecare #telehealth market.Holding extra meeting at #Teleconf2012

‘It’s about time we had a cabinet minister for social care’ – Tony Butcher at Guardian #socialcare via @guardian

RT @pulsetoday: Top GP commissioning leader warns: CCGs may take five years to be… #NHS #commissioning

Assessment of Research Quality of #Telehealth Trials in Pain Management: A Meta-Analysis

Managing partnerships in healthcare: live discussion at Guardian Healthcare Network – 2pm on 15 via @guardian

RT @TheQNI: The need for more integrated home based care is now critical not just in the UK but globally says Dr Dixon #qni2012

A true fact RT @clarkmike ‘Patients want texts and emails, in sickness and in health’ | #HealthcareIT #telehealth

RT @NHSImprovement: Delivering a seven day service in health and social care – London #7day

Tracking disease outbreaks using mobile phones and SMS – Lake Victoria (East Central Africa) #mhealth

Strong lineup & interesting sessions at ‘Healthcare at Home’ Conf today from @TheQNI #telecare #telehealth

RT @shirleyayres: New report: Doing services differently: local innovations for disabled via @Chill4usCarers #deukcare

RT @dean_jenkins: What is the effect of peer support on diabetes outcomes in adults? A systematic #diabjc

SSAIB UKAS approved audit scheme for #telecare and alarms via SourceSecurity

E-Health Insider: ‘Healthcare delivered through self-service digital channels’ – ‘must deliver savings’@Paul_Corrigan

4th Annual Health Care Social Media Summit – Engaging patients, employees & media in digital age – 16 Oct#mayoragan

‘Need for multi-channel delivery of healthcare in the future NHS’ – @Paul_Corrigan on #HETT_Exposessions #telehealth

‘New ways of caring for elderly people’ – BBC TV Programme scheduled for 15 Oct 2012

‘Disability charities warn of families ‘at breaking point’ over gaps in care’ via @guardian

How can we use £100m for tech to improve patient care?’ – @NursingTimes asks for comments from nurses & midwives

Successes & Challenges in Implementation & Application of #Telemedicine in Eastern Province of Saudi #telehealth

New Survey on #Telehealth (#telemedicine) in

‘Advancing Knowledge of #Telecare for Independence and Vitality in later life’ – AKTIVE

NHS Improvement Lung – Latest news – coverage of#COPD & #asthma

‘Convicted criminals recruited as carers for elderly’ via@Telegraph

‘Weight Watchers and Philips DirectLife ActiveLink activity tracking’


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