News Summary – 2 November 2012 Reply

‘Community Budget pilots make case for pooled funding’ | Public Finance — official CIPFA

Digital health Germany: ‘Ptswant handson help for problems. If physicians don‘t provide this, patients help themselves’

‘Humanism in Digital Health: Do We Have to Sacrifice Personal Connections as We Improve Efficiency?’ – The Atlantic

Memory loss ‘could begin in thirties or forties’ via@Telegraph

E-Health Insider :: ‘ResearchOne gets ethical approval’ – ‘could hold over 20m patient records’

RT @CommunityCare: Government to appoint two chief social workers, not one: #socialwork#socialcare < Good/bad move?

RT @shirleyayres: This week’s Disruptive #SocialCarePodcast interview w/ @MindingsStu & @ribotmaximusis now live! #deukcare

New @TheKingsFund report on PbR (England) suggest a tariff for assistive technologies such as #telehealth &#telecare

MT @clarkmike New @TheKingsFund report on PbR propose tariff for #telehealth & #telecare to support innovation

RT @TheKingsFund: Is Payment by Results still fit for purpose? Our report considers whether a rethink of NHS payment systems is needed

‘Health inequalities a ‘national disgrace’ says NHSCB deputy medical director’ – Pulse Today

@clarkmike @so_mo_co @technokitten thanks for the Disruptive #SocialCare podcast RTs – your support is really appreciated 🙂

Canadian study: ‘ECGs as mortality predictor in patients with atrial fibrillation’ Pulse Today

Payment by Results @TheKingsFund < do we need a rethink of the #NHS payment systems? HT @clarkmike

@karlwilding challenging Q – how do we promote & incentivise health & wellbeing innovations?@TheKingsFund @clarkmike

RT @RoySocMed: How can UK residents benefit from the use of #telehealth and #telecare services? Find out at the RSM on 27 Nov

RT @shirleyayres#FF @MindingsStu connecting families through #Mindings innovative #telecare w/ social relationships at its heart

RT @shirleyayres: Councils ‘must be more transparent about care performance’ < how do SSDs demonstrate social impact?

TSA Conference 2012 focuses on ‘transforming services, enhancing lives’ (12-14 Nov) #telecare#telehealth #teleconf2012

‘Political bravery is needed to plug the gap in social care’ – New paper LGIU/RSA via@guardian

RT @S_Amani: A Look at Social Media Adoption in the Medical and Healthcare Community

RT @shirleyayres: “Only dead ducks go with the flow” says @ribotmaximus talking about innovation, disruption & #threephone

‘Tech alone will not change h’care industry, but tech + new business model has ability to make change.” Aneesh Chopra

New @TheKingsFund report on PbR (England) suggest a tariff for assistive technologies such as #telehealth &#telecare

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