News Summary – 24 October 2012 Reply

Exciting indeed, @dragonmisery! Guest blog@CarterAngie wrote for our #dementiachallengersseries.. 🙂 @clarkmike

@WhoseShoes @clarkmike @CarterAngie > our experts could contribute to the #dementiachallengers website too. How exciting this is eh?

@WhoseShoes @clarkmike @CarterAngie Gill, you know tech is a real passion of mine – have seen the benefits #dementia so will be great if >

Great idea Lee @dragonmisery#telecare #dementialink:… Useful… so must have come from @clarkmike@CarterAngie

@WhoseShoes @clarkmike @CarterAngie yes Gill, I am thinking of asking them to contribute to a tech web page….. #dementiachallengers

@shirleyayres GOLD. I tell you… especially if you have the solutions too! @RichardatKF @clarkmike #platinum

@shirleyayres If u “understand the complexity of the challenges” Shirley you will be worth your weight in gold! 😀 @RichardatKF @clarkmike

@shirleyayres @clarkmike look forward to pursuing this, I mentioned this in my presentation as an area where we’ve barely scratched surface

@WhoseShoes #chathamhouserules conversation to help me understand the complexity of the challenges!@RichardatKF @clarkmike

@shirleyayres Post it in our LinkedIn group, Shirley? It sounds VERY relevant 🙂 @RichardatKF @clarkmike#personalisation #integration

@RichardatKF you’d have been interested in the discussion @clarkmike & I were having today about connecting #socialcare, health & housing!

New models could change the shape of social via @guardian

Norman Lamb: ‘I want real empowerment for people’ via @guardian

RT @TheKingsFund: How can we make sure that frail older people experience the quality of care that they deserve?

Ministers’ inaction on care funding ‘putting dignity of elderly at risk’ – 10/24/2012 – Community via @sharethis

RT @GdnSocialCare: Have you seen the supplement on#socialcare in today’s paper? If not you can also read the articles here #NCASC

RT @HealthFirstEU@EhealthInsider – A new telemonitoring service helps patients with long-term conditions in NI #telehealth

RT @TCG_CIC: Our #GadgetGateway Telecare kiosk looking great and getting plenty of interest from the DASS #NCASC

RT @GillHitchcock: Telehealth: my feature about how Scottish GPs have yet to be convinced about the benefits of ‘new sexy machines’ #NHS

.@dragonmisery If u want experts re things A.T,@clarkmike & @CarterAngie are the ones 4 me! Every time! Mike shared great link recently 🙂

RT @RichardatKF#Ncasc begins at Eastbourne, highlights today include ‘From Poundland to Broadband’ tech innovation in…

RT @RichardatKF: highly recommended>@shirleyayres contribution to #ncascDisruptive #SocialCare podcasts promoting #deukcare

Busy day recording the next Disruptive #SocialCarepodcast w/ @MindingsStu & lunch w/ the lovely@clarkmike#deukcare

RT @paulricenhs: HSJ awards judging today. Once again new service models utilising technology transforming care incl #telehealth. Scale & Pace? Scale & Pace!

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