News Summary – 25 October 2012 Reply

Jeremy Hunt #ncasc speech (25 Oct 2012) via@dhgovuk

RT @EHealthInsider: Does a CCIO have to partly be about disrupting challenging existing healthcare delivery not just digitising? #handihealth #ccio #handihealth

JMIR Open Peer-Review: Effectiveness of Web-Based Peer-Conscious Health Support for Weight Loss & other submissions

‘Florida community wired up as ‘living laboratory’ for longitudinal wellness study’ – #telehealth – Healthcare IT News

@clarkmike Thanks Mike, this is very helpful and comprehensive

‘@GeorgeJulian & #ncasc #socmed session – How GPs on social media are changing the face of via @GPOnlineNews

Via @healthblawg – ‘Until we call #telemedicinemedicine & connected health health – new normal – we have a great challenge’ #chealth12

‘Care home chains face extra regulation’ via @guardian

@MDWebPro @hcsmin_india @aurorahealthpr@clarkmike @katseyemedia @ritters90 thanks for recent RTs!

@clarkmike thanks Mike, yeh was pleased with it, little rushed but great group, really engaged #NCASC

@clarkmike @mithransamuel @CommCareRuth Cheers Mike, glad the coverage has been useful. We’ve got plenty of reports going up today too!

RT @TomorrowTogethr: How can we#InnovateForAge? Or do you have of innovations/ideas already helping older adults live independently? #elderly #age #ageing

RT @mithransamuel: Haris Patel says he used to spend 8-10 months in hospital, but just 5 weeks in past 6 years due to telecare/personal health budget #ncasc

RT @mithransamuel: Harris Patel talking about experience of using a personal health budget after transition to continuing care from social care #ncasc

RT @IndependentAge: There are 1.6m #socialcareworkers and will need at least 300k more by 2025, says Skills for Care’s Sharon Allen #ncasc

@clarkmike clarkmike we can help you with an effective Social Media Strategy like many others heresocialmediamarketeers.imrtl… #SMMEER

‘@GdnSocialCare Thanks for great coverage of

RT @TelehealthHull: Excellent report on the use of AT in supporting night-time services for people with learning disabilities –…#telecare

RT @ehealthnews: The Third Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference in Berlin

RT @ehealthnews: Doctors 2.0™ & You – The First Confirmed Keynotes and Themes

The choosemycare Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @clarkmike @theRCN @bluewire_s

Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme Catalogue of Projects 2012 #telecare #telehealth#innovateforage

@AndrewatDH @clarkmike #Dementia #NCASC yes and that end of life care is funded by Health to allow this and 24hr community support

RT @AndrewatDH: Hunt: one of critical challenges in#Dementia care is ensuring carers given support they need to allow loved ones to remain at home. #NCASC

RT @Telemedicine_Jn: Big Data, a groundbreaking new peer-reviewed journal is seeking manuscripts! Learn more: #bigdata

‘@AlanRosenbach Good to see your tweets from #ncasc– hope you are well

‘@GeorgeJulian – hope your #socmed session went well at #ncasc – more followers? more interest?

‘@mithransamuel @CommunityCare @CommCareRuth– thanks for coverage of #ncasc – much appreciated

RT @mithransamuel: Lots of hope vested in health and well-being boards but not a lot said about how they will make a difference #ncasc

RT @mithransamuel: Hunt: Current social care system is inadequate, not sufficient and can be deeply painful for many, many people #ncasc

RT @TCG_CIC: Launching benefits realisation model for Telecare, contact us to learn more; welcome your thoughts #ncasc #telecare

RT @jonathanflowers#ncasc Jeremy Hunt lays down challenge for #localgov to use NHS number for identification and data sharing #opendata

RT @mithransamuel: Health and well-being boards must not become just another committee – Hunt at#ncasc

RT @mithransamuel: Hunt urges providers to sign up to dementia care compact but says “It’s not an order”!#ncasc

RT @mithransamuel: Best dementia care is exemplary and worst nothing short of scandalous #Hunt at #ncasc

RT @shirleyayres: Worth reading @rcgp draft Social Media Code for GPs < we need similar for#socialcare#ncasc

Interesting analysis MT @RichardatKF Thanks to@clarkmike for really interesting stats about #NCASCtweeting…

‘@RichardatKF Important to get those key #ncasc#socialcare messages out to a wide audience via#socmed – thanks again for your coverage

Thanks to @clarkmike for really interesting stats about tweeting at #NCASC…seems to be more folk tweeting this year ?

‘@CommunityCare @GeorgeJulian Tweetreach – 37 recently active on #NCASC – but not all in the room – power of #socmed

RT @jrf_uk: My Home Life: promoting quality of life in care homes… via @jrf_uk ->care homes *can* be +ve option for older ppl #NCASC

Discussion on small UCL study of patients (n=26) using internet searches and GP consultations @MailOnline

@clarkmike you may just encourage a new blog post from me on this; who is the audience and why; is organic ok; whose responsibility #ncasc

‘@GeorgeJulian Is there a virtual store of #ncascexhibitors? Discussion coverage on LinkedIn/FB? Hope social media session goes well

@clarkmike thanks Mike, very organic approach, true tweeter-led approach to #socmed at #ncasc <<< think working for ppl in room

‘@GeorgeJulian is there good wi-f?i, is there a Twitterwall? Are questions invited via e-mail/social media? How is conf impact analysed?

‘@GeorgeJulian Is there a directory of twitter addresses available to #ncasc attendees? can they meet up? are addresses on name badges?

”@GeorgeJulian Unclear how organisers are strategically ing key messages, collating, curating tweets and important commentary #ncasc

‘@GeorgeJulian Power of social media to bring key messages to those outside the #ncasc conference hall as well as those inside

‘@GeorgeJulian Unable to see a clear #ncasc conference social media strategy from tweetstream – is there one part from hashtag discussions?

@clarkmike I agree #ncasc tweet stats were over 40k an hour ago – need to get key messages to wider audience

@clarkmike what would you recommend is done differently? Cld be useful for my #ncasc #socmedsession up next

‘@shirleyayres #ncasc tweet stats were over 40k an hour ago – now halved – need to get key messages to wider audience

Obviously a lot of great stuff happening at #ncasc – but wider social media community not always hearing key messages

@Acuity_Design @clarkmike @CommunityCare digital technology has a big role in #socialcare innovation & connecting communities #ncasc

@shirleyayres @clarkmike @communitycare that’ll put a new spin on TripAdvisor

@clarkmike @CommunityCare the role of digital technology will be interesting challenge for all the#socialcare comparison sites! #ncasc

RT @FASTATUK: Over 50 UK #assistive technology Events here: #AT Let us know your AT Events and we will list them!

New UK study: Ageing with #telecare: care or coercion in austerity? – Mort et al

RT @TheKingsFund: Interesting tweets from@RichardatKF at ADASS’s annual conference this week. You can also follow conference discussions at #ncasc

RT @NHSSimple: Anticipation: Just read BMJ Open proof re paper on #telehealth Flo with hypertension/CKD. Publication imminent.

Interesting to see ‘health’ organisations getting the#ncasc messages out through social @thekingsfund @nhsconfed

RT @digit0me: British tech company courts carmakers for heart monitor seats (via@mobilehealth)

‘@SR_disrupt Thanks Shai – following progress on ‘Health & care #mapsandapps starting point for discussion’ #telehealth

@clarkmike You’ve been quoted in my #Storify story “Health and care #mapsandapps, a starting point for discussion”

RT @GillHitchcock: ADASS calls for preventative, community-based adult social services to cut ‘high end’ costs for #NHS and social care

RT @TeleServAssoc: News of Scotland’s #telecare#telehealth progress will come from @NHS24 Medical Director George Crooks #teleconf2012

‘Private payers may step up for telehealth’ – further discussion on the impact of Australian budget cuts – Pulse+IT

BBC News: Target to become world’s best in elderly care ‘at risk’ – Concerns as SoS Jeremy Hunt addresses#NCASC today

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