News Summary – 25 September 2012 Reply

‘New #telehealth guide for GPs’….in Australia – mainly video consults and

RT @MilesAyling: RT @MilesAyling: Remote-controlled #telepresence robot linking clinicians to patients

‘New guidance from NICE sets out public health recommendations for councils’ via@guardian

‘#Telecare and #Telehealth can be transformational in terms of enabling independent living…’ – Minister, Norman Lamb

‘Key to saving £ in public sector is not death by 1,000 cuts but boost productivity thru behavioural change’ – Guardian

RT @handsontel: RT @handsontel: How doctors’ use of mobile technology impacts telehealth – infographic and insights

£1.5m from DH for potential rollout of personal health budgets – evaluation due – Norman Lamb announcement

DH PBR update: Plan to expand best practice tariffs incl management of LTCs to reduce avoidable hospital admissions

New UK report: ‘Understanding and improving transitions of older people: a user and carer centred approach’ #socialcare

‘@shirleyayres #Telecare CoP was expanded to provide ‘social’ elements whilst retaining emergency response reqmts

‘@shirleyayres #telehealth home monitoring currently driven by protocols, metrics, clinical pathways and algorithms but will change in time

@clarkmike interesting challenge – how to mainstream#telecare & #telehealth services in the UK?

‘@shirleyayres UK has probably more #telecare per head than other countries. Provided at scale but not mainstream. Still many could benefit

‘@shirleyayres #telehealth will take time – it took VA 10+ years to get to this – requires service redesign in UK

‘@shirleyayres – @3MillLives, dallas and other programmes looking at new business models and overcoming #telecare #telehealth barriers in UK

RT @TapCare: RT @TapCare: TapCare in 1 #aalforum2012 #telecare

‘@shirleyayres H&SC Service redesign in UK – need to see how the NHS mandate evolves and guidance to CCGs, also HWBs

‘@shirleyayres although recent report suggests otherwise, previous surveys suggest weekly payment max for #telecare as emergency response

RT @HealthNSA: RT @HealthNSA@clarkmikeThought you might be interested in @TheQNIconference Healthcare at home in…

RT @worcs_telecare: RT @worcs_telecare: We don’t just offer a service, we also offer peace of mind for older and vulnerable people, and their loved ones. Mo …

Georgia Tech – turning a smartphone into an otoscope for possible remote assessment of an ear #telehealth

RT @WhoseShoes: RT @WhoseShoes: Appropriate use of assistive technology can help people w #dementiamaintain independence: #teleca …

‘@WhoseShoes @carterangie Good stuff Gill and Angie. Excellent resource on #telecare and dementia from JIT/DSDC is at

RT @PeterFBrown: RT @PeterFBrown#Telecare and#telehealth could improve independence and dignity and save millions claims blog –

‘Who benefits from the NHS ‘surplus’? Not the patients or staff’ according to Noel via @guardian

RT @EricTopol: RT @EricTopol: Communicating medical evidence to patients Thoughtful report@theIOM Worth a look–patients and

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