News Summary – 26 October 2012 Reply

‘Government orders building standards review’ – will it affect fire safety, wheelchair access? via @guardian

US Study: Frequent users represent small % of ED patients but disproportionate share of visits, but is system abused?

‘App uses smartphone camera to measure heart rate based on changes to face colour’ – Healthcare IT #telehealth

‘@mindingsStu Happy for an independent enquiry in interests of fairness @WhoseShoes @shirleyayres@dragonmisery @cpeanose @HLCLC

U go 4 it @MindingsStu Zzz…@clarkmike’ll understand. Humble Hamble & @Brixton_Bugle led me 2 think of Bungle. Will Ted RSVP about pic-nic?

@clarkmike @WhoseShoes @shirleyayres@dragonmisery @cpeanose @HLCLC I demand an independent enquiry…

‘Lamb scraps 100% personal budgets target’ – via@CommunityCare

What will happen to the first NHS Trust (South London) into ‘administration’? – BBC News ahead of next week’s report

@MindingsStu Apparently I don’t have to fill in any forms either according to @WhoseShoes –@shirleyayres @dragonmisery @cpeanose @HLCLC

@shirleyayres @WhoseShoes @clarkmike@dragonmisery @cpeanose @HLCLC Is it because his Latin is better than mine?! Favouritism! :-/

@MindingsStu did I mention @WhoseShoes has invited@clarkmike to be a member of the #sparklytree gang?@dragonmisery @cpeanose @HLCLC

Jeremy Hunt: ‘NHS reforms offer new opportunities to integrate health and social care’ via@guardian #ncasc

RT @shirleyayres@mick_rea thanks a really interesting Storify of the National Children & Adults Conference 2012 #ncasc @Jasmine_Ali

RT @DiabApp2012: Six apps coming soon: Diabetes Logger, Insulin Calc, Diabetes Health Tracker, Cpslider, T1nder, You+Your Diabetes. We need testers age 16-22

‘Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013’ –

RT @clarkmike: E-Health Insider :: ‘Guidance for shared records’ – DH/NHS Information Governance Toolkit

E-Health Insider :: ‘Guidance for shared records’ – DH/NHS Information Governance

Cold Weather Plan for England 2012 published@dhgovuk

‘@mSocialWork Yes, #SocialCare Podcast – a great resource – #deukcare #ncasc@shirleyayres

@clarkmike That’s what DAFNE iPhone app allows.

RT @RichardatKF: My contribution to BBC News -Viewpoints: Caring for the elderly (but BBC plse note it’s older people not “the elderly”)

‘Innovative mHealth Devices Enable Smartphone Users to Self-Test & Share Results in Real Time’ | Dark #telehealth

RT @medappjournal: Popular free medical apps for Android #medapps

‘Councils no longer required to give all social services users a personal budget’ – currently at via @guardian

RT @Whzan_systems: Using your own Android smartphone (from £33) you can bring the cost of Whzan#Telehealth down to 54p / day.

RT @NHSConfed_Jo: You can’t regulate quality into services. You have to commission for it and provide it as core. Great stuff from David Behan #NCASC

RT @prohealthzone: New service promotes the integration of telehealthcare to maximise independence#telehealth…

RT @Simplicare: Talking #telecare on final day of#ncasc with @CornwallCouncil @SomersetCouncil@Essex_CC @buckscc @Hillingdon @wiltscouncil@EastSussexCC

RT @fredgarnett: MT @clarkmike Great resource@mindingsstu @shirleyayres Weekly #deukcarepodcast #disruptive #socialcare #ltconline

@fredgarnett @clarkmike thanks for the #deukcareRTs – your support is really appreciated 🙂@MindingsStu

MT @clarkmike Great resource @mindingsstu@shirleyayres Weekly #deukcare #disruptive #social care#ltconline

Link for ‘Fund to create and modernise homes for independent living’ via @dhgovuk announced at…

Link for new @dhgovuk Hosp2Home discharge pack announced at #ncasc…

#ff What a great resource – @mindingsstu and@shirleyayres working really hard to bring you weekly#deukcare podcast

RT @CharlotteatDH: £300m spec housing fund launched today.Money now up for grabs=more innovative,preventative options 4 older+disabled ppl@normanlamb #ncasc

RT @LGAcomms: 70 per cent of care users using personal budgets by April 2013 is a realistic target says Norman Lamb #ncasc

RT @LGAcomms: 300m announced to help older and disabled people stay at home #ncasc

RT @CharlotteatDH: Launch of hospital 2 home resource pack today to help ppl recover from hospital stay @normanlamb #ncasc

RT @NHSConfed_Jo: Norman Lamb – services must work for individuals not institutions. Integrated care – in refreshed Constitution, year of care tariffs.#NCASC

RT @IndependentAge: Lamb at #ncasc ‘integration is the challenge that defines modern healthcare’

RT @Housing_Options: Next year £859m to go from nhs to social care #ncasc

RT @CharlotteatDH: Shift to an active #socialcaresystem is essential as is prevention + integration@normanlamb #ncasc

RT @S_Amani: Key Trends in the Future of Medicine: E-Patients, Communication and

RT @clarkmike: From the US: ‘Telehealth: Health care is only a website away’ – Medill Reports

From the US: ‘Telehealth: Health care is only a website away’ – Medill Reports

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