News Summary – 28 September 2012 Reply

People in Foula, Shetland will shortly benefit from GP surgery with #telehealth support via@shetnews

Community Gateway launch new #Telecare and#Telehealth support service at NCAS Conference – Yahoo News @MindingsStu

Center for Technology & Aging’s Adopt toolkit –#telehealth remote monitoring, #mhealth and HT to @telecareaware

‘NHS on ‘high alert’ over reforms hitting patient care’ – Sir David Nicholson via @Telegraph

Loneliness and older people – Age UK/YouthNet polling via @Telegraph

Where to for #telehealth? Australian progress and challenges (mainly video consults) – Pulse

#telehealth applications in the US military (incl PTSD) via BBCNews also VA’s PTSD mobile

RT @EHILive: RT @EHILive: FREE SESSIONS @ EHI Live 2012 – ‘Telestroke: How to save a life’… #ehilive #ehealth#telehealth #healthcare

‘Are some companies pursuing #mHealth initiatives without clear reasons for doing so?’ – #telehealth

RT @clarkmike: ‘Are some companies pursuing#mHealth initiatives without clear reasons for doing (cont)

‘E-Health Insider: Patient feedback projects get £1m’ eg Kinda Magic project for feedback from patients with#dementia

RT @TomFrohlich: RT @TomFrohlich: Bosch Healthcare launches a new site to liven the discussion on telehealth #telehealth #mhealth

From Apr 2013, role of National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) will expand to include social care

September 2012 ALIP/TelecareLIN newsletter is now available – news, links, reports on #telecare #telehealth#ehealth

RT @TelehealthHull: RT @TelehealthHull: More heart patients staying out of hospital thanks to…

RT @innovate_uk: RT @innovate_uk: Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator, competition for up to £4m demonstrator funding to open on 15 Oct, t. …

#ff @MindingsStu and @shirleyayres – Disruptive Social Care podcast is now weekly – follow at – also on FB and You Tube

Technology Strategy Board – Internet of Things £4m Ecosystem Demonstrator competition

Sept 2012 ALIP/TelecareLIN newsletter available – news, links, reports on #telecare #telehealth

RT @3MillLives: RT @3MillLives: Our Linkedin group has a list of conferences that @3MillLives are involved in to hear about #telecare #telehealth plans …

@clarkmike #diabetes & technology make…

Staffan Lindblad, Sweden: Sharing disease information, patient involvement, predictive modelling – Nuffield Trust

RT @NuffieldTrust: RT @NuffieldTrust: Read Dr Jennifer Dixon’s latest blog on the power of health care information & exploiting the single payer inheri …

RT @clarkmike Technology Strategy Board – Internet of Things £4m Ecosystem Demonstrator > FYI @Cozbatten

@gbmss hi Paul, always meant to let you know about this guy. Very good updates on telehealth, you should follow him. RT @clarkmike

@clarkmike thanks for the #FF Mike & promoting#deukcare! MindingsStu

@clarkmike Yesterday with Philips Motiva users & pts in Newham. Positively motivates and educates pts to manage their condition.

RT @NHSSimple: RT @NHSSimple@clarkmikeYesterday with Philips Motiva users & pts in Newham. Positively motivates and educates pts to manage their …

RT @NHSSimple: RT @NHSSimple: Recently seen a maturing of approaches in the #Telehealth market. Is this the impact of @3MillLives ?

‘FCC Unleashes Mobile Health Innovation Initiatives’ via @InformationWeek #mhealth#telehealth

‘Health intelligence requirements for local authorities set out’ – new public health duties for local…

Innovation really matters is out! ▸ Top stories today via @trixietweets @remstaeler@clarkmike

What’s Preventing Us from Preventing Type 2#Diabetes? — NEJM

@TomFrohlich Works in Surrey. Sorry for the confusion! Just spotted the surname from a RT by@clarkmike. See:

RT @RonanTKavanagh: RT @RonanTKavanagh: Using Noninferiority Tests to Evaluate Telemedicine and E-Health Services: Systematic Review

Worth reading! Sept 2012 ALIP/TelecareLIN newsletter – news, links,info #telecare #telehealth#ehealth @clarkmike

@shirleyayres Thanks for the newsletter

@PaulBromford intro to @clarkmike although I’m sure you are already connected! interesting Q which org should take the lead in this?

@shirleyayres @clarkmike we are now! an area i’m very interested in exploring and joining up. housing is fairly insular…needs disrupting!

@PaulBromford I have say @clarkmike is my “go to” expert for all #telecare & #telehealth matters #wiseowl


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