News Summary – 3 September 2012 Reply

‘Will Technology Replace 80 Percent of Docs?’ – Vinod Khosod discussion #telemedicine #mhealth#telehealth

‘Pharmacies in Wales to offer free tests’

RT @pulsetoday: CCGs urged to be ‘cautious’ over nationwide telehealth… PLUS our …

‘Why I Disagree With Vinod Khosla About Digital Health — And Hope He Succeeds Brilliantly’ – #telehealth

RT @shirleyayres: The Disruptive Social Care Podcast “Book of the Week” The End of Business As Usual”@briansolis

E-Health Insider :: Cornwall to buy ‘at scale’ tele-services… #telehealth

E-Health Insider :: Newham Skype pilot cuts… #telehealth

@shirleyayres @MindingsStu Book – Eric Topol – ‘Creative destruction of Medicine’ – interesting


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