News Summary – 30 October 2012 Reply

Dan Poulter: NHS and social care integration is ‘the holy grail’ – how, when, what about housing? via @guardian

Richard Smith in BMJ Blogs – ‘Meet and learn from Dr Twitter’ –

‘Wikis Can Help Patients Suggest Clinical Practice Guidelines, Study Finds’ – iHealthBeat on JMIR

RT @trevor_single: Speaking today at the NAPC conference at the NEC on how telecare/health can transform services. Earl Howe delivering the keynote address.

RT @trevor_single: NAPC plenary – debate on keeping patients out of hospital. Paul Corrigan – if you do next year what you did this year the NHS will go bust!

RT @GdnSocialCare: Over 90% of councils still pay providers according to the time they spend with a service user, rather than outcomes:

‘@paulricenhs Good luck Paul, hope all goes well. Looking out for more tweets on second day#telehealth2012 #telehealth #telecare

Added to TelecareLIN Twitter Stream –@dallas_connect @TelecareAware @SCTT_NHS_24 –#telecare #telehealth

Added to TelecareLIN Twitter Stream –@TeleServAssoc #teleconf2012 @3MillLives@TelehealthHull @FASTATUK – #telecare #telehealth#ehealth

Thanks to @SynthesisEvents @bethanbishop & many others for Twitter coverage at #telehealth2012 – quick Storify

‘One NHS trust in five is in financial trouble’ – but overall NHS in surplus – The

‘Health Care Waste: Is Technology the Answer or Part of the Problem?’ via @HealthyLiving – Huff Post #telehealth

‘@casa_eu @SCTT_NHS_24 looking forwards to tweets from #SCTTEdin12 – sadly cannot make it – anyone else tweeting? #telecare #telehealth

RT @clarkmike Cobalt – ‘Challenging obstacles and Barriers to Assisted Living Technologies’…

‘@claireOT Yes, enjoyed @paulhodgkin blog – a little confusing on ‘telemedicine’ but good example @mindingsstu

Well done Stu. Interesting post incl great mention of Mindings! @shirleyayres @paulhodgkin@mindingsstu @clarkmike

RT @shirleyayres: Power to the people < great mention of #Mindings!@MindingsStu HT @clarkmike

Power to the people @paulhodgkin < great mention of #Mindings@MindingsStu HT@clarkmike

@clarkmike I love that blog- really capture how we don’t role model how to look after patients in how we look after staff @paulhodgkin

E-Health Insider: ‘Power to the people’ – @PaulHodgkinfrom Patient Opinion with a case study

‘Speed essential in treating strokes’ – #telehealth video link in Northern Ireland via BBC News

‘The end of local government?’ – £600m budget cut in B’ham by 2017 – ‘When the salami’s gone…’ via @guardian

RT @Chill4usCarers: Ring around Carers – Keeping healthy when you are a Carer #health #isolation

‘@bethanbishop Thanks again for tweets. Self-management an important longer term aim of#telehealth remote monitoring #telehealth2012

From Denmark: #Telemedicine may save DKK 8 bln/yr in elderly care costs (1 DKK = 0.1 GBP) – #telehealth

‘Lack of Evidence in Medical Apps: The Solution’ – update on recent Med App Journal #telehealth #healthapps

‘@GovComputing In your #telehealth article – the cost of long term conditions to NHS is £70 billion, not £70 million #telehealth2012

‘@GillHitchcock #telehealth costs can be much lower than in the #WSD trial – leasing, risk sharing, SMS on Pt phone etc #telehealth2012

RT @NHSSimple@GillHitchcock Narrow view of telehealth being discussed today Many pragmatic options available from avg 16p/day

@GovComputing In your #telehealth article – the cost of long term conditions to NHS is £70 billion, not £70 million

RT @clarkmike: ‘Telehealth needs link to savings’ – Gill Hitchcock at #telehealth2012 – Government

@GillHitchcock Gill, in your article its £70 billion on long term condtions a year, not £70 million

‘Telehealth needs link to savings’ – Gill Hitchcock at#telehealth2012 – Government

RT @GillHitchcock: Talk at #telehealth2012 focuses on lack of evidence about cost benefits

RT @NHSSimple@bethanbishop Link to clear clinical objectives needed for telehealth to convince clinicians of the case to scale. #Telehealth2012

RT @GillHitchcock: Department of Health guidance on telehealth to be published “shortly”, I hear at#telehealth2012

RT 3milliion lives 5 year plan (Johnson) #Telehealth2012(@markhawker )

RT @SynthesisEvents: “Workload did increase for staff” Hanley #telehealth2012

@bethanbishop @clarkmike Thanks for#Telehealth2012 tweets. Any talk about cost-effectiveness or clinical outcome objectives for referral?

RT @myClinOutcomes: Excellent morning#Telehealth2012: “It’s about service transformation, not buying kit.” Stephen Johnson, Head LTCs DoH

RT @bethanbishop: If telehealth effectively used to enable GPs to make consistent decisions, it’s a good thing (Robinson, Wyatt) #telehealth2012

RT @bethanbishop: Evidence base is context specific. Need to evaluate as service innovation not technology appraisal – Nick Goodwin #telehealth2012

RT @ProfSteveField#napc2012 #NAPC complexity is reason need integration -GPs move from how many patients we see to part of team & how many problems we solve?

RT @ProfSteveField#NAPC #napc2012 common challenges kaiser & NHS – need to move from doctor centred to patient centred Information Age of medicine

RT @C4WI@CfWICEO Peter Sharp on expert panel examining workforce implications of telehealth at#telehealth2012

RT @Habinteg: Looking for innovative ICT products & services for independent living; part of our I-stay@home European… pls RT

RT @bethanbishop: Encouraging case study from NHS Gloucestershire (Prosser) delivered through strategic#partnerships #telehealth2012

RT @SynthesisEvents: Seeing a 40% reduction in admissions from patients in the telehealth group (Prosser) #telehealth2012

Cobalt – ‘Challenging obstacles and Barriers to Assisted Living Technologies’ – participant blogs

@clarkmike fascinating I think @Habinteg will find my Digital Tech guide useful I assume they’ll also be using the ALIP virtual catalogue

RT @bethanbishop#telehealth2012 Linda Prosser “never about the kit, always about the (healthcare) service model” here! here!

RT @bethanbishop: Good mix of views from advocates and sceptics to open the day #telehealth2012 is it in part a problem of terminology?

Habinteg request for information: ICT for independent living via @24dash #innovateforage#tomorrowtogethr

‘@mindingsstu @shirleyayres Habinteg request for info: ICT for independent living – #telecare #deukcare

RT @robertvarnam@Paul_Corrigan People self-manage most of their LTC already, NHS just needs to help them doing it better. #napc2012

RT @terrieynon#NAPC Adebowale: co-production is a challenge to people w qualifications. (Empowering the disempowered can be a threat to vested interests)

@SynthesisEvents Thanks for the coverage of#telehealth2012

@bethanbishop Thanks for the coverage of#telehealth2012

RT @SynthesisEvents: For reduced system cost we have to change clinical practice, patient behaviour change support needs and reduce admissions#telehealth2012

@clarkmike thanks Mike I’m impressed by the range of#telecare & #telehealth events being held in November!@MindingsStu #deukcare

@markhawker #Telecarelin Knowledge Transfer Network newsletter @clarkmike < highly recommended!

RT @SynthesisEvents: “Currently £70bn spent on long-term conditions. If we spend that £70bn differently, we might get better outcomes” Johnson #telehealth2012

RT @SynthesisEvents: “If we are going to change culture we need to change culture of patients, population and nhs” (Newman) #telehealth2012

RT @bethanbishop#telehealth2012 5 year#3millionlives programme “to create transformational change for patients with long term conditions”

RT @bethanbishop#telehealth2012 future generations will adopt technology alongside care but what can we do to accelerate now?

RT @bethanbishop#telehealth2012 “Not about saving money but improving care” I reckon we can have both with best service redesign #innovation

RT @shirleyayres#Telecarelin Knowledge Transfer Network newsletter provides the latest info, news & events @clarkmike < recommended

RT @EHIPrimaryCare: Earl Howe wants to see vibrant commissioning support market including private & public sector @ #napc #ehi

@markhawker Let me know if you can’t locate the KF video and I will find for you – should be still available

‘@markhawker term ‘mainstreaming’ extensively used in health, social care, industry – can be problematic, but prob have to live with term

#Telecarelin Knowledge Transfer Network newsletter provides the latest info, news & events < recommended

@markhawker SJ discussed 5 yrs at KF Congresses – should be able to find it on video. @3MillLives working on details

.@clarkmike Ah, I see. But why five? Did they lay out what each year entails? Seems arbitrary and linked to having five fingers on a hand.

@markhawker – 2017 is 5 years of @3Milllivesprogramme

‘How to raise your game in social care commissioning’ – LGIU – is commissioning based on outcomes? via @guardian

Latest news (Oct 2012) on #telehealth #telecare,#eHealth #mHealth via HealthTech & Medicines KTN/ALIP/TelecareLIN

New Assisted Living UK Capabilities & Opportunity Report/Website – HealthTech & Medicines #telecare #telehealth

‘@DrShaneGordon Cost – NHS #telehealth option now at less than 50p per day via @NHSSimple#telehealth2012

.@DrShaneGordon @clarkmike Indeed, and probably never will. However, why is ‘cost effectiveness’ the most appropriate measure here?

RT @DrShaneGordon: Speaking at HSJ Telehealth 2012 conf today. Telehealth industry still has much to do to prove cost effectiveness.

UK’s first 4G mobile service launched in 11 cities by…

RT @SynthesisEvents: Telehealth Conference tweets at#telehealth2012

‘@mindingsstu @shirleyayres – a mention for excellent ‘disruptive social care podcast’ in latest #deukcare

Breast cancer screening – review of NHS programme – lives saved but also unnecessary via @guardian

RT @telecareaware#telecare #telehealth Center for Connected Health awarded grant for cancer pain management program

ALIP/TelecareLIN news – Assisted Living UK Capabilities and Opportunity Report & #telecare #telehealth

TelecareLIN newsletter (Oct 2012) – sent to 46,000 ppl, 700 links #telehealth #telecare#ehealth #mhealth

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