News Summary – 31 October 2012 Reply

@dragonmisery @WhoseShoes @HLCLC @clarkmike@MindingsStu @shirleyayres #pumpkinindependenceis official at midnight.

’10 Wearable Health Tech Devices To Watch” via @InformationWeek #telehealth

‘Scale provides communications link between patients, staff’ – #telehealth to support HF discharges (N Carolina)

RT @commonwealthfnd: Report finds excess readmission of #Medicare patients strongly linked to patients’ difficulties managing meds at

RT @EU_eHealth: Patient representatives get free admission at @health2eu – Nov 6-7/Berlin Contact@pascal_lardier for registration code.

‘@paulricenhs Interesting conclusions from#telehealth2012 – where are the barriers being overcome? New studies? #telehealth #telecare

RT @paulricenhs: Reflect 48hrs #telehealth2012a/thing new? Tech enabled care = best quality care! Clinicians who block need opprobrium of peers and punters!

‘@paulricenhs Tweet summary from #telehealth2012on Storify – Day 1 Day 2 #telehealth

@debbieleven You’re very welcome, Debbie! 🙂@irememberbetter @shirleyayres @clarkmike#dementiacongress

RT @debbieleven: Echo that RT @IRememberBetterRT @shirleyayres +1 RT @clarkmike @WhoseShoesThanks for great Twitter coverage from#dementiacongress

@HLCLC That is a LOT of pumpkins! 🙂 @cpeanose@clarkmike @mindingsstu

@cpeanose @WhoseShoes @HLCLC @clarkmike@MindingsStu @shirleyayres We stand together!#pumpkinindependence

Tweet summary from #telehealth2012 on Storify – Day 1 Day 2 Thx to@SynthesisEvents @bethanbishop

Only 20 places left at the (free) #HousingLIN Extra Care Housing Annual Conference in Dec since today’s announcement

RT @NursingTimes: RT @clarkmike Nursing Times Awards tonight @NursingTimes – great examples on shortlist

The e in e-patient stands for engagement@SusannahFox < the rise of “self trackers” HT @clarkmike #deukcare

RT @TelegraphTech: Smartphones and tablets add two hours to the working day

After #telehealth2012 attention turns to Edinburgh –#Telehealth & #Telecare in Scotland: home and away (1 Nov) follow #SCTTEdin12

RT @clarkmike Nursing Times Awards tonight@NursingTimes – great examples on

‘@SynthesisEvents Thanks for your great coverage of#telehealth2012 – sorry I could not be there myself

Nursing Times Awards tonight @NursingTimes – great examples on shortlist

Echo that RT @IRememberBetter RT @shirleyayres +1 RT @clarkmike @WhoseShoes Thanks for great Twitter coverage from #dementiacongress

@Jamesillman @hsjnews try @clarkmike mike is brilliant! Also @EHealthInsider

RT @SynthesisEvents: Nick Robinson talking about patients using consumer technologies where they have them #Telehealth2012

New via @SCIE_socialcare Computers & ICT to support people with #dementia also Telecare & dementia

RT @DocoboUK@bethanbishop Also great #telehealthwork going on in Midlands in Solihull Virtual Ward and others #telehealth2012

RT @SCIE_socialcare: Using computers and ICT to support people with…

‘@shirleyayres Interesting blog – ‘The e in e-patient stands for engagement’ from

@clarkmike you are welcome! Find it a great tool to engage in key discussion! Thanks for the RTs and links

‘@bethanbishop Thanks for your Twitter coverage – sorry unable to attend myself.

RT @TelehealthHull: Julie Ryan from NHS NY&Y at#telehealth2012 – reporting very high levels of patient and carer satisfaction with telemonitoring service

#Telemedicine helps reduce stroke fatality in #telehealth

Bookmarking now! RT “@clarkmike: ‘@bethanbishop monthly updates on #telecare #telehealth in UK/World at

‘@bethanbishop monthly updates on #telecare#telehealth in UK/World at

RT @trishgreenhalgh: .@clarkmike Thanks Mike, here’s the reference to Organising Visions for Telehealth with the hashtag…

RT “@clarkmike: ‘@bethanbishop Midlands –#telehealth map – also plenty of#telecare – #telehealth2012” thanks!!!

‘@bethanbishop Midlands – #telehealth – also plenty of #telecare (map being updated currently) – #telehealth2012

E-Health Insider :: GPs ‘must back info revolution’ – Roger Goss, Patient Concern

RT @TelehealthHull: Julie Ryan from NHS NY&Y discussing experiences of implementing large-scale telehealth project. #telehealth2012

We bought 22 pumpkins & did NOT carve them.@MoonKrabb hiding them away as we speak@cpeanose @WhoseShoes @clarkmike @MindingsStuHows that?

References: Lancs and Cumbria Telestroke –#telehealth2012 #telehealth

.@clarkmike Thanks Mike, here’s the reference to Organising Visions for Telehealth with the hashtag#telehealth2012…

Reference: ‘The organising vision for telehealth & telecare: discourse analysis’ by @trishgreenhalgh – telehealth2012

RT @bethanbishop: Telestroke Network in Cumbs & Lancs bringing remote pt and clinician together in out of hours #telehealth solution #telehealth2012

RT @IRememberBetter: RT @shirleyayres +1 RT@clarkmike @WhoseShoes Thanks for great Twitter coverage from #dementiacongress

RT @shirleyayres +1 RT @clarkmike @WhoseShoesThanks for great Twitter coverage from#dementiacongress

RT @bethanbishop@trishgreenhalgh “technologies must be co-designed” with users (pts) to get adoption; enhance experience #telehealth2012 #collaboration

RT @bethanbishop@trishgreenhalgh summarises 4 discourses: modernist, humanist, change management, political economy #telehealth2012 key learning

The Borg #mHealth #eHealth News is out! ▸ Top stories today via @clarkmike

RT @SynthesisEvents: Now for a session from Prof Trisha Greenhalgh on why do we need to look at the evidence for or against evidence #Telehealth2012

RT @paulricenhs: The NHS “money go round” not helping scale adoption of integrated models including technology/telehealth at #telehealth2012

‘Study finds high level of undiagnosed hearing loss in care home residents’ – via

RT @paulricenhs: New challenges for workforce in a VUCA world – volatile/uncertain/complex/ambiguous – telehealth driving this Peter Sharp #telehealth2012

RT @paulricenhs: Fragmented care replaced with access to expertise when it’s needed via telemedicine b fletcher CEO Airedale at #telehealth2012

RT @bethanbishop: Hard to point to cash releasing benefits, socioeconomic benefits downstream(Shannon); countries with remote pts embrace this #telehealth2012

RT @SynthesisEvents: Doctors can be powerful blockers as well as sponsors of something new, leadership is critical (Shannon) #Telehealth2012

@WhoseShoes @HLCLC @clarkmike @MindingsStu@shirleyayres @dragonmisery stand up for#pumpkindependence now before the dreaded knock

RT @clarkmike: See VHA in US for #telehealthworkforce issues – (cont)

See VHA in US for #telehealth workforce issues –#telehealth2012

RT @NHS24: RT @SCTT_NHS_24: Tomorrow#SCTTEdin12 ‘#Telehealth and Telecare in Scotland: home and away’

RT @SynthesisEvents: 95% patients, 90% clinicians very satisfied or satisfied with teleconsultation (Pope)#Telehealth2012

RT @TelehealthHull: Richard Pope from Airedale NHS Trust describes reductions in admissions following start of videoconsultation service. #telehealth2012

@NHSSimple @clarkmike #telehealth2012 key focus of discussion is benefit to patients, more data to support that currently than cost savings

RT @SynthesisEvents: “When a person has a problem, answer the problem don’t put them in a pathway” (Pope) #Telehealth2012

RT @bethanbishop#telehealth2012 Richard Pope highlights tele consultation “not the kit, all about the service”, deploy technol appropriately, #airedale

RT @SynthesisEvents: Currently delivering healthcare in 22 prisons >1000 consultations in past 2 years#Telehealth2012

RT @bethanbishop#NHS Trusts facing 25%reduction in operating costs in 5 years (Fletcher), “have to think differently” #telehealth2012

RT @SynthesisEvents: Fletcher talking about the big financial picture. Efficiencies are approx £5m a year 25% of all operating costs #Telehealth2012

RT @SynthesisEvents: First speakers: Bridget Fletcher & Dr Richard Pope from Airedale introduced by@paulricenhs as “True pioneers in this area”#Telehealth2012

+1 RT @clarkmike @WhoseShoes Thanks for great Twitter coverage from #dementiacongress

@clarkmike @guardian BRAVO, although you would have to sack the lot of them to begin with, perhaps not so feasible!

RT @bart: Samsung sponsors Royal College of Arts to Design a Mobile Phone for the Elderly

RT @SynthesisEvents: Welcome back to Telehealth 2012 #Telehealth2012

‘Why some NHS trusts are near financial breaking point’ – rise in admissions, lack of comm via @guardian

‘It’s time to start running local government like a plc’ – Tony Samuels at the Guardian via@guardian

‘@WhoseShoes Thanks for great Twitter coverage from#dementiacongress

@clarkmike Mike, thanks for #telehealth2012

@clarkmike @bethanbishop #telehealth2012 Must have clinical benefits for patients as well as being cost effective for the NHS system.

RT @shahid_ali007@ProfSteveField Agree entirely Steve. We have cut hours of GP travelling time by doing telemedicine consult with care home patients.

Leading questions: ‘Helen Bevan, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement” – via @guardian

‘NHS commissioners can use their budgets to get maximum local benefit’ – Jo Webber from via @guardian

RT @bbcouch: November is assistive technology month on the Ouch! blog. Tell friends interested in such things to follow @bbcouch for updates.

Latest #HousingLIN newsletter (Oct 2012) now available – £300m fund, Hospital2Home pack, conference

BBC News: Kickstarter crowdfunding website launches in UK – #telecare #telehealth#assistivetechnology #mapsandapps

‘3 Ways Technology can Facilitate Patient Engagement’ – as access to records becomes more

Development of Patient-Centered Medical Homes in Tennessee – virtual consults, records, e-mail with #telehealth

Psychosocial Factors That Shape Pt & Carer Experiences of #Dementia Diagnosis & Treatment: Syst Review of Qual Studies

Queensland 4 yr study in res aged care – web clinical support & video consults – Pulse IT #telemedicine

‘The end of local government?’ – What will be the new landscape for via@guardian

‘Every year in UK nearly 0.75m people over 60 end up in A&E after a fall, 1 in 3 will end up with hospital stay’

RT @clarkmike @CfWICEO Peter Sharp on expert panel examining workforce implications of telehealth at#telehealth2012

BBC News: ‘Elderly people staying at home for fear of falling’ – More than 1 in 5 in WRVS survey feared

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