News Summary – 9 October 2012 Reply

RT @shirleyayres: Caring for people w/ #dementia“carers need help understanding tech or web based guidance” #FST HT @clarkmike

@TelehealthHull @clarkmike fair point 🙂 challenge is understnding tot cost of intervention, 12p figure doesn’t account 4 #whathappensnext

@cpeanose @WhoseShoes @clarkmike @shirleyayresbut no virtual chocolate pennies eh?

RT @NuffieldTrust: Download a slideshow by@jgbarlow2010 who explores unanswered questions in#telehealth research

RT @VISION2020UK: Fascinating discussions at#HealthcareEfficiencyThroughTechnology expo: disruptive technologies, telecare (service first-technology later!)

@griffglen @clarkmike I was never really an NHSD fan, but if it can take strain off GP/AE/999 services at that cost then it has a place.

@griffglen @clarkmike But the figures are impressive. It doesn’t have to work often at those costs to save a lot of time and money.

@griffglen @clarkmike No, that was the headline figure I chose for my 140 characters! No-one was claiming a web-only emergency service.

RT @GPonlinenews: Editors’ Blog – Should patients have their GP’s mobile phone number and email?

RT @TomFrohlich: United Healthcare deep dive: 56% of patients want remote care and 41% prefer to receive care through mobile @myuhc #health2con #mhealth

‘@3MillLives @telehealth_news – great to see so much interest in #telecare and #telehealth at HETT_expo today

.@TelehealthHull is that all that was explained? implies that every 999 call can be handled instead by 12p web visit #HETT_Expo @clarkmike

RT @HETT_Expo: A paperless NHS by 2015? So says@tkelsey1 #HETT_Expo #HETTExpo

RT @TelehealthHull: Alan Bentall Chief Information Officer – NHS Direct. Now over 40 ‘symptom checkers’ created by NHSD and syndicated elsewhere.#HETT_Expo

RT @TelehealthHull: NHSD. Cost of symptom tracker net access 12p, as opposed to £255 for a 999 call. Impressive stat! #HETT_Expo

RT @HETT_Expo: NHS24 outlook is to use technology to protect face to face services – George Crooks#HETT_Expo #HETTExpo

RT @HETT_Expo: NHS24 will only use 3 platforms going forward – smart phones, tablets and digital television George Crooks #HETT_Expo #HETTExpo

@clarkmike lovely to see you today! shame you missed the seminar! its packed! @HETT_Expo

RT @3MillLives: chris wright “tsunami of need coming to UK healthcare!” @HETT_Expo #telehealth

RT @TomFrohlich: There are now over 13,000 health apps for the iPhone. Are they useful if they aren’t connected to a health ecosystem? #mhealth#health2con

RT @shirleyayres: Imagine if…@VivJBennett asks how everyday technology can support patient HT @clarkmike

RT @NHSConfed_Press: Jeremy Hunt’s speech from#cpc12 in full (via

RT @jonathanmason#cpc12 @jeremy_hunt need to make better use of IT – online ordering of repeat prescriptions, booking appointments online etc – about time!

RT @TelehealthHull: Interesting talk from Bradford GP Shahid Ali on using telemedicine for his patients and sharing information with them via system1#HETT_Expo

Imagine if…@VivJBennett asks how everyday technology can support patient care HT@clarkmike #deukcare

RT @shirleyayres: Interesting tweets from#HETT_Expo (healthcare efficiency through tech) hope#socialcare is represented! HT@clarkmike

Interesting tweets from #HETT_Expo (healthcare efficiency through tech) hope #socialcare is represented! HT @clarkmike

RT @TelehealthHull: Interesting discussion around whether technology reduces activity, or whether it can be harnessed – eg via apps- to enhance this#HETT_Expo

RT @TelehealthHull: Dr Adil poses what I think is the key question. Has the NHS embraced technology as the rest of society has? #HETTexpo

@WhoseShoes @clarkmike @shirleyayres@dragonmisery maybe no forms but chocolate pennies vital #yougetwhatyoupayforinthisworld

RT @EricTopol: As Human Health is Digitized, Doctors Contemplate a New Medical Landscape

RT @HarvardHSPH: The cost of chronic disease#apictureisworth1000words #publichealth

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