News Summary – 6 November 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    BBC News: Alzheimer’s detected decades before symptoms
  2. clarkmike
    Lords Select Committee to ask: “What’s Right and Wrong in Health and Social Care for the Elderly?” Live – 6 Nov 9.45am
  3. clarkmike
    Lords Select Committee to ask: “What’s Right and Wrong in Health and Social Care for the Elderly?” Live – 6 Nov 9.45am
  4. clarkmike
    PAC Report (22 Oct) – ‘Department of Health: The management of adult #diabetes services in the NHS’
  5. clarkmike
    ‘The FDA and Medical Apps: Where are We?’ Via Digital Health Corner #mhealth #mappsandapps #nhssm
  6. clarkmike
    From recent FDA presentation ‘17,828 health and fitness apps & 14,558 medical apps’ via Digital Health Corner
  7. clarkmike
    RT @ageingnews: Age UK launch phone for older people via @age_uk #ageing
  8. clarkmike
    BBC News: ‘Standard of care for diabetes in England is “depressingly poor” according to parliamentary committee
  9. clarkmike
    BBC News: Govt Digital Strategy Report due – more transactions online
  10. clarkmike
    ‘Why Scie has launched the ‘Find Me Good Care’ website’ via @guardian
  11. clarkmike
    Lords Select Committee: “What’s Right and Wrong in Health and Social Care for the Elderly?” Now live streaming
  12. clarkmike
    ‘BMA : Personal health budgets must be delayed’ – online survey, doctors feel ill-informed about initiative-Pulse Today
  13. clarkmike
    Lords Cttee: @profchrisham from @thekingsfund – fragmentation & variability issues in health & social care – Live
  14. clarkmike
    ‘Digital services so good that people prefer to use them’ – Govt Digital Strategy now available
  15. clarkmike
    Govt Digital Strategy – coverage of health and social care? – one small example of DH Bill consultation via Twitter
  16. clarkmike
    Excellent discussion at Lords Cttee: “What’s Right and Wrong in Health and Social Care for the Elderly?” Live stream
  17. clarkmike
    Lords Cttee – @docmdmartin speaking: “What’s Right and Wrong in Health & Social Care for the Elderly?” Live stream
  18. NHSSimple
    @clarkmike Exciting times for Simple #Telehealth as a second BMJ paper is authorised for publication. Topic: patient experience.
  19. clarkmike
    RT @NHSSimple: @clarkmike Exciting times for Simple #Telehealth as a second BMJ paper is authorised for publication. Topic: patient experience.
  20. clarkmike
    ‘High blood pressure can damage brain long before old age’ – UC Davis Study – Sun Sentinel
  21. clarkmike
    RT @age_uk: Say hello to the new Age UK My Phone. Do you know an older person who struggles with technology?
  22. clarkmike
    RT @GdnSocialCare: The Social Care Institute for Excellence has created an online service to help people make decisions about their care:
  23. clarkmike
    RT @colin_jervis: #EHILive UHB using ‘My Health’ to allow patients with chronic conditions to access their acute record over the web
  24. clarkmike
    Lords Cttee – Philip King from CQC –
    “What’s Right and Wrong in Health & Social Care for the Elderly?” Live stream
  25. clarkmike
    ‘PM to launch pilot of GP dementia diagnosis app’ | News Article | Pulse Today #nhssm #mapsandapps
  26. clarkmike
    Cabinet Office ‘Healthy Living and Social Care Red Tape Challenge theme covers over 500 regulations’
  27. clarkmike
    Lords Cttee – ‘What does good look like in health & social care for the elderly, what should we aim for?” Live TV –
  28. clarkmike
    Lords: ‘Adoption of IT in NHS way behind other sectors’ – @profchrisham @thekingsfund – includes #telecare #telehealth
  29. clarkmike
    RT @NHS24: #EIPAHA12 EU CommissionVP Neelie Kroes says Scotland are champions in delivery of Telehealth & Telecare@NHS24 @JITScotland @scotgovhealth
  30. clarkmike
    RT @DHgovuk: Healthy Living & Social Care theme launched as part of Red Tape Challenge. Focus areas inc NHS, public & mental health
  31. WhoseShoes
    What does good look like? Lords Cttee live stream ASK #dementiachallengers! #Expertbyexperience! @clarkmike @gaye_clark
  32. clarkmike
    ‘UK least confident about use of #telecare #telehealth than other countries’ – Prof David Oliver at Lords Commitee
  33. clarkmike
    ‘Care UK acquires Harmoni’ – Health Investor
  34. clarkmike
    Lords Cttee: Philip King from CQC – ‘good examples of use of assistive technologies in dementia – need to be scaled’
  35. clarkmike
    RT @Jonoinengland: #EHILIVE Understatement of the day Caldicott – ‘DH to make medical records available to all patients by 2015 will be challenging’
  36. clarkmike
    ‘Care UK buys largest GP out-of-hours provider’ – Pulse Today
  37. clarkmike
    RT @CLNnetwork: Free clinician places for the Nov 14 International Telehealth conference in Birmingham:
  38. clarkmike
    RT @Davewwest: Will be enormous @NHSCB led initiative on improvement/innovation nxt year. Presume led mainly by clinicians (CCG commiss board) @VanguardHS_
  39. clarkmike
    ‘Is it ever OK to decide that a person is so old they are beyond repair?’ via @guardian
  40. clarkmike
    ‘New Healthcare Innovation Hub will aid independent living for the elderly’ – SEHTA – 1 of 14 hubs across Europe
  41. clarkmike
    RT @msukinhealth: For the free Telehealth ‘think outside the box’ session at 3pm - see our blog abt how Skype is supporting this #EHILive
  42. clarkmike
    @gaye_clark @whoseshoes – if its the Lords Cttee, the broadcast has now finished – will be available as recording & transcript later
  43. clarkmike
    RT @msukinhealth: Dr Dan Poulter “Telehealth and telecare have a key role in helping with the challenges that we face” (Ageing population) #EHILive
  44. clarkmike
    RT @EHealthInsider: Poulter also says telehealth is key to care in future at #ehilive
  45. clarkmike
    RT @DigitalSparkLtd: Good use of tech and info, cannot be seen as an add-on. It is central to effective care – Dr Dan Poulter #EHILive
  46. clarkmike
    RT @madlendavies: Poulter: It’s not about shiny new gadgets. The healthcare needs of patients must drive change, with technology supporting this #ehilive
  47. clarkmike
    RT @madlendavies: Dr Poulter: Telehealth and telecare have a greater role to play in the care of the elderly and people with long term conditions #ehilive
  48. clarkmike
    RT @JITScotland: Scotland showing leadership on telehealth and telecare in Europe @SCTT_NHS_24 @scotgovhealth @AlexNeilSNP #EIPAHA12
  49. clarkmike
    RT @FASTATUK: FAST AT Policy News just out: #assistive technology #AT #telecare #telehealth
  50. clarkmike
    ‘@gaye_clark @whoseshoes – if its the Lords Cttee Broadcast it usually takes a few days to prepare the transcript and post the video
  51. clarkmike
    @gaye_clark @whoseshoes – here is the main Lords Cttee link for further updates when they become available
  52. clarkmike
    ‘Dementia deaths more than double in a decade’ – ONS figures via @Telegraph
  53. clarkmike
    RT @TeleServAssoc: Breakout session explaining development of integrated #telecare #telehealth code of practice at #teleconf2012
  54. clarkmike
    RT @RichardVize: @BenClover Important to remember the telehealth demonstrator is not the final word on cost effectiveness; tech and its use will improve
  55. clarkmike
    RT @telehealth_news: @BenClover @Jamesillman That’s why we have set up a study in Portsmouth to identify the true cost-effectiveness of #telehealth.
  56. clarkmike
    ‘Housing In America: The Baby Boomers Turn 65 – Opportunities, Challenges In Housing The Nation’s Older Citizens’ – ULI
  57. clarkmike
    ‘For some doctors, electronic records aren’t a miracle cure’ – Washington Post
  58. clarkmike
    dallas programme in Scotland – ‘Living it Up’ some recent news of community engagement via @ALLIANCEScot
  59. clarkmike
    England may need 1m more care workers by 2025 to meet growing demand – Skills for Care Report via
  60. clarkmike
    ‘No-frills £55 phone launches for the elderly’ @AgeUK via @Telegraph
  61. clarkmike
    RT @ProfAlanMaynard: @RichardVize @BenClover Until telehealth has an evidence base of cost effectiveness all investments in it should be evaluated scientifically
  62. clarkmike
    RT @NaomiFried: . @VHACaregiving: #Telehealth has lead to 30% decrease in bed days, 80% patient statisfaction. Expansion is planned!
  63. clarkmike
    ‘What do people die of? Mortality rates and data for every cause of death in 2011 visualised’ via @guardian
  64. clarkmike
    ‘Many Top Health Care Technology Hazards Are IT-Related, Report Finds’ – iHealthbeat
  65. clarkmike
    ‘Is looking old a sign of heart risks?’ Danish Study
  66. clarkmike
    BBC News: #Dementia ‘second leading cause of deaths in women’
  67. clarkmike
    ‘Heart disease deaths halved by healthier lifestyles’ – new ONS reports via @guardian
  68. clarkmike
    RT @suppsolutions: New technology should make successful dementia diagnosis double from 42% to 80% to meet Camerons target
  69. clarkmike
    Online clinical trial recruitment study assesses patient reliability | MedCity News

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