News Summary – 8 November 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    One million people to be taught how to spot early signs of #dementia & iPad trials to reduce diagnosis times
  2. clarkmike
    ‘Making the most out of Skype’ – #telehealth development in Australia via PulseIT
  3. clarkmike
    ‘GP commissioner survey finds some support for increased competition, limiting treatment, A&E closures’ via @guardian
  4. clarkmike
    PM announces #dementiafriends, measures to boost early diagnosis, improve care homes & increase awareness via @guardian
  5. clarkmike
    High Blood Pressure Often Missed in Young Adults – early US study findings
  6. clarkmike
    BBC News: NHS ‘must be tougher negotiator’ on private deals
  7. clarkmike
    ‘Wireless Sensor Implant Powered by Body’s Own Internal Battery’ – cochlear chip could harvest electricity to power itself via @medgadget
  8. clarkmike
    BBC News: Smart meters, smart grids, smart homes – ‘Smart, social energy: Can software change our energy habits?’
  9. clarkmike
    My Health Counts! e-Patients Trailer – empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled with @epatientdave
  10. clarkmike
    Conf report: Single-lead ECG can be recorded using iPhone with app/heart monitor to help diagnosis atrial fibrillation
  11. clarkmike
    BBC News: Some 16m people in the UK lack basic online skills, a survey suggests
  12. clarkmike
    How Physicians Utilize Digital Media for Patient Interaction – Infographic
    via @hitconsultant
  13. clarkmike
    ‘Microsoft Pilot Project To Bring Together Doctors And Patients’ via Digital Medicine
  14. clarkmike
    ‘Using Technology to Promote Health Literacy’ – HealthWorks Collective
  15. clarkmike
    ‘iHealth Introduces Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor’ connect with iOS devices via app – azosensors #telehealth
  16. clarkmike
    ‘Would the integration of health and social care promote independent living?’ via @guardian
  17. clarkmike
    Some interesting messages from EHI Live for #telehealth #healthapps and availability of health records
  18. clarkmike
    ‘Should patients have power to correct medical record errors?’ Pulse Today on Dame Caldicott’s session at EHI Live
  19. clarkmike
    ‘GP practices urged to improve patient experience’ – Pulse Today covers @thekingsfund report &
  20. clarkmike
    RT @digit0me: Make telehealth plans public, says Labour – Health Service Journal: Make telehealth plans public, … #telemedicine
  21. clarkmike
    RT @TelehealthHull: In Cambridge for the Philips Healthcare Innovation Event. A chance to peep behind the curtain at their work in development!
  22. clarkmike
    RT @TelehealthHull: Philips aspiration: to be the key provider of home healthcare solutions. Cite the work done in Hull as an exemplar for this.
  23. clarkmike
    E-Health Insider :: ‘New group to be customer for national IT in England’
  24. clarkmike
    RT @NHSSimple: @clarkmike Florence activity stats for Aug-Oct show 26% growth in new patients per month.
  25. clarkmike
    RT @HSJnews: Free on Let’s find the political will to integrate care
  26. clarkmike
    RT @HSJnews: Free on CCGs face old fears with desire for change
  27. clarkmike
    RT @mHealthInsight: Are NHS Pharmacist’s capable of giving personalised medicine a chance?
  28. clarkmike
    RT @samathieson: Future for @NHSDirect includes 111 phone & digital and hopefully telehealth, says CEO Nick Chapman: @GillHitchcock #NHS
  29. clarkmike
    RT @innovate_uk: Biomedical Catalyst funding to develop healthcare technologies
  30. clarkmike
    ‘Dancing Robots To Help Autistic Children’ – Sky News
  31. clarkmike
    RT @GPonlinenews: Health checks by GPs should cover mental health #gpnews
  32. clarkmike
    RT @GPonlinenews: GPs told to boost #dementia diagnoses #gpnews
  33. clarkmike
    Study: ‘Systematic review of teleneurology: methodology’
  34. clarkmike
    RT @nursingtimesed: Self management: you can do it, you will do it and we’ll help you to do it. Scotland’s strategy to support long-trm conditions #MacProfEvent
  35. clarkmike
    Pew Internet Survey – Mobile Health 2012 – ‘3 years stagnant healthapp adoption’ #mhealth
  36. clarkmike
    Small US trial on T2 diabetes & high BP using text reminders for med refills, lab tests, appts – unclear clinical gains
  37. clarkmike
    ‘Wearables fitness and activity tracking for seniors’ — nowhere in #mHealth – Latest from Laurie Orlov #innovateforage
  38. clarkmike
    RT @FASTATUK: Trent DSDC & Dementia UK Development Director Vacancy: Closes 12/11/12
  39. clarkmike
    ‘Demand for informal care is rising but supply is set to fall – we must solve this conundrum’ @communitycare
  40. clarkmike
    ‘How service user watchdog plans to make impact on poor practice’ – Healthwatch England – via @communitycare
  41. clarkmike
    ‘Macy’s Flagship New York Store Gets Indoor GPS Navigation’ – hospitals? – via Mashable
  42. meridianapps
    @clarkmike Yep, hospitals too—we launched Boston Children’s Hospital early this year, and now Miami Children’s via SDK:
  43. clarkmike
    Health self-management in Scotland – resources via @AllianceScot
  44. clarkmike
    Health self-management in Scotland – resources via @AllianceScot
  45. clarkmike
    RT @paulricenhs: Interesting day with David Barrett and Wessex HIEC. Next gen #telecare and #telehealth has to move from homes of people to hands of people.
  46. clarkmike
    RT @paulricenhs: Potential for convergence #telecare and #telehealth huge as an enabler for integrated care to flourish – user at the centre prerequisite!
  47. clarkmike
    RT @eFuturist: #WHIT12 – Verizon study has researched all health apps & the findings are: today’s apps aren’t based on proof of what changes behavior
  48. clarkmike
    RT @eFuturist: #WHIT12 – It’s not about technology or health apps – it’s about meets a vital human need or service that solves a problem
  49. clarkmike
    RT @eFuturist: #WHIT12 – Intermountain has an enterprise telehealth strategy in place with four levels of virtual 1home 2primary care 3specialty 4critical
  50. clarkmike
    @meridianapps Thanks for reply on hospitals.
  51. clarkmike
    How smart phones help me be a better doctor – MD Mama – #telehealth
  52. clarkmike
    NHS Mandate due shortly – long term conditions, dementia priorities? Will it encourage #telehealth #telecare adoption
  53. clarkmike
    ‘Doctors dismayed as public health committee is scrapped’ via @guardian
  54. clarkmike
    UK Study (JMIR): What E-patients Want From Doctor-Patient Relationship: Content Analysis of Posts on Discussion Boards
  55. clarkmike
    RT @OpenMHealth: Open mhealth is a non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between health & tech via #opensource. Join us #mhealth
  56. clarkmike
    RT @MindingsStu Could #Mindings help an untapped group of willing volunteers be #DementiaFriends? #deukcare #socialcare
  57. clarkmike
    Congrats to @TheKingsFund
    for best new media content about older people’s issues at #Roses2012 @RichardatKF @larasonola @jocelyncornwell
  58. clarkmike
    Housing LIN Board Assurance Prompt –
    The application of assistive living technology to support independence
  59. clarkmike
    Housing LIN Launches Report on Benefits of Assisted Living Technology for Vulnerable Adults – via eHealthNews

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