News Summary – 9 November 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    RT @TelehealthHull: J of Adv. Nursing: Review of the appropriateness of – and compliance with – telephone triage decisions (abstract only)
  2. clarkmike
    RT @TelehealthHull: J of Adv. Nursing: Concept analysis of #telecare. Demonstrates continuing confusion in terminology (Abstract only)
  3. clarkmike
    Burden of atrial fibrillation & poor rate control detected by continuous monitoring & the risk for HF hospitalization
  4. clarkmike
    ‘Commissioning cost-effective #telecare delivery services (UK)’ – article by Kevin Doughty, CUHTec via @telecareaware
  5. ITCoachKendal
    RT @cyberdoyle: RT @clarkmike: The cost of caring for people at the end of life | The Nuffield Trust #digitalinclusion
  6. TheKingsFund
    @IndependentAge @clarkmike @mc_elhill @wwwframeworks4c @bethyb1886 @jrf_uk @crouchendtiger7 Thanks! Very happy! #Roses2012
  7. IndependentAge
    RT @TheKingsFund: @IndependentAge @clarkmike @mc_elhill @wwwframeworks4c @bethyb1886 @jrf_uk @crouchendtiger7 Thanks! Very happy! #Roses2012
  8. clarkmike
    New website for UK’s Centre for Usable Home Technology – CUHTec Courses #telecare #telehealth
  9. clarkmike
    ‘New UK #telecare home alert service’ – Comfort Care Calls
  10. clarkmike
    RT @ProgressHG: Find out how our Lifeline #telecare service is helping #dementia sufferers in Lancs live independently #dementiafriends
  11. myageingparent
    RT @clarkmike: ‘Demand for informal care is rising but supply is set to fall – we must solve this conundrum’ @CommunityCare…
  12. TelehealthHull
    Am Heart J: link between AF and risk of HF admission – ?supports value of remote ECG monitoring via @clarkmike
  13. clarkmike
    ‘US Web-active seniors more likely than web users overall to be users of Twitter’ – Pew Research – Senior Care Corner
  14. ALLIANCEScot
    #FF @clarkmike @SCTT_NHS_24 @KenDay @tartan1314 @lvsd_patient @missgill77 @tommyNtour @kevingeddes7 @hillheadpharmac happy Friday!!
  15. clarkmike
    ‘NHS failings aggravate distress over blunders’ via @guardian
  16. missgill77
    RT @ALLIANCEScot: #FF @clarkmike @SCTT_NHS_24 @KenDay @tartan1314 @lvsd_patient @missgill77 @tommyNtour @kevingeddes7 @hillheadpharmac happy Friday!!
  17. tommyNtour
    RT @ALLIANCEScot: #FF @clarkmike @SCTT_NHS_24 @KenDay @tartan1314 @lvsd_patient @missgill77 @tommyNtour @kevingeddes7 @hillheadpharmac happy Friday!!
  18. clarkmike
    #FF @TeleServAssoc – Conference 12-14 Nov in B’ham – follow #teleconf2012 and @3MillLives for updates & announcements
  19. GeroNews
    RT @myageingparent: RT @clarkmike: ‘Demand for informal care is rising but supply is set to fall – we must solve this conundrum’ @CommunityCare…
  20. clarkmike
    Minister @normanlamb giving keynote address at #teleconf2012 in Birmingham on 13 Nov – @TeleServAssoc @3MillLives #telecare #telehealth
  21. clarkmike
    RT @TunstallHealth: New report from Housing LIN highlights benefits of assisted living technology for vulnerable adults [blog]
  22. clarkmike
    RT @telecareaware: #telecare #telehealth Canada and Europe fund intelligent senior homes
  23. clarkmike
    Who does mobile health data belong to and other questions discussed at Open mHealth – iMedicalApps #mhealth #telehealth
  24. clarkmike
    RT @EU_eHealth: The Positive Technology App developed by the EU Funded Interstress project has received a UN-based World Summit Award! @InterstressPro
  25. hillheadpharmac
    @ALLIANCEScot @clarkmike @SCTT_NHS_24 @KenDay @tartan1314 @lvsd_patient @missgill77 @tommyNtour @kevingeddes7 THANKS GUYS, YOU TOO x
  26. clarkmike
    RT @JITScotland: Scottish health Awards: invaluable telehealth service win the Innovating for Quality Award- the Department of Tissue Viability @NHSGrampian
  27. KenDay
    RT @hillheadpharmac: @ALLIANCEScot @clarkmike @SCTT_NHS_24 @KenDay @tartan1314 @lvsd_patient @missgill77 @tommyNtour @kevingeddes7 THANKS GUYS, YOU TOO x
  28. ProgressHG
    @clarkmike Many thanks for following and for the RT. You can find out more about our Lifeline service at
  29. dallas_connect
    RT @NHS24: RT @clarkmike: dallas programme in Scotland – ‘Living it Up’ – recent news of community engagement via @ALLIANCEScot
  30. jonathanmason
    #ff @MrDispenser @MrsHGordon @HelenRoot @Cleverestcookie @pillmanuk @GaryParagpuri @Clairewynn @clarkmike @dementiafriends @alzheimerssoc
  31. clarkmike
    E-Health Insider :: Poulter says IT key for new DH team #telehealth
  32. clarkmike
    RT @telecare24: ReAssure24 to launch at TSA in Birmingham on Nov 13th. Come see us with Dr Hilary Jones on stand 30! #teleconf2012 #telecare #telehealth
  33. clarkmike
    ‘New #dementia service to help people stay at home based on understanding behaviour patterns’ –
  34. clarkmike
    Small Danish study: Clinical Impact of Home Telemonitoring on Patients with COPD #telehealth
  35. clarkmike
    A UK Case Study of Who Uses NHS Direct – Impact of Age, Gender, and Deprivation on the Utilization of NHSD #telehealth
  36. Mick_Holloway – Commit to Success is out! ▸ Top stories today via @clarkmike
  37. clarkmike
    Predictors of Attrition in Older Users of a Home-Based Monitoring & Health Information Delivery System – VA #telehealth
  38. clarkmike
    RT @TLAP1: When is 100% personal budgets really 70%? Martin Routledge blogs on recent developments to the goal…
  39. shirleyayres
    @clarkmike thanks Mike your support for the Disruptive #SocialCare podcast is always appreciated 🙂 #telecare #deukcare @MindingsStu
  40. clarkmike
    ‘iPhone cover with sensors could take simple ECG readings’ – French Tribune #telehealth
  41. clarkmike
    ‘Social Care – a postcode lottery’ – investigates – with maps #socialcare
  42. clarkmike
    ‘Future of NHS Direct call centres with move to 111 service’ via @guardian
  43. alfrealday
    “@clarkmike: ‘Future of NHS Direct call centres with move to 111 service’ via @guardian”
  44. gaye_clark
    The astonishing video that show’s Microsoft plans for instant translation – in your own voice via @clarkmike
  45. shirleyayres
    #socialcare: a postcode lottery? @FullFact < a serious issue which needs more debate! #deukcare HT @clarkmike
  46. shirleyayres
    #FF @clarkmike my “go to” expert on #telecare & #telehealth news from UK & around the world #deukcare

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