News Summary – 12-14 November 2012 Reply

‘NHS shakeup tackles disparity between mental and physical health services’ via@guardian

1st NHS Mandate (England) announced 13 Nov – of interest to #longtermconditions #dementia #telehealth#telecare @3MillLives #teleconf2012

,@Trevor_single announces record 800+ at#teleconf2012 and sets the scene for largest euro#telehealth & #telecare event

Patricia Hewitt at #teleconf2012 – challenge of caring for and improving quality of life, particularly for an ageing population

Patricia Hewitt at #teleconf2012 – introduces@adasspickup – Sarah Pickup – levels of interest in#telecare – can help support #dementia

at #teleconf2012 – @adasspickup – a range of health & social care situations can be supported by technology –#telecare and #telehealth

at #teleconf2012 – @adasspickup – prevention, assurance/confidence, early intervention, recovery, support, choice/control – roles for TC/TH

#teleconf2012 – @adasspickup – range of social care initiatives – talks about progress & barriers in Herts – needs leadership & buy in

#teleconf2012 – @adasspickup – learning from frontline staff on what works for #telecare, need to find popln who will benefit

#teleconf2012 – @adasspickup -importance of getting right balance for scaling up, learn from others, find partners for #telecare #telehealth

#teleconf2012 Patricia Hewitt welcomes Dr Robert Stewart – The technology is not holding us back, it is the use of the technology

#teleconf2012 – tweets from the conference now reaching 10,882 people via #telehealth#telecare

“@clarkmike: #teleconf2012 – tweets from the conference now reaching 10,882 people #telehealth love this!!!!

#teleconf2012 Dr Robert Stewart, Med Director, Kent & Medway – fragmentation in health/social care means many people end up in A&E

#teleconf2012 – Dr Robert Stewart – many clinicians realise they need to improve services – need to put pt at centre with families, carers

#teleconf2012 Dr Robert Stewart – need to use#telecare and #telehealth at point decisions are made. Patients Know Best being developed

#teleconf2012 @clarkmike thanks for tweets. IMHO this whole area needs patient-led disruption.

#teleconf2012 Dr Stewart – all providers need to know what is going on, self care is important, use of apps etc – better outcomes for people

#teleconf2012 @clarkmike NHS Scotland have a good example of that.

“@dean_jenkins: #teleconf2012 @clarkmike NHS Scotland have a good example of”<~ nice website#diabetes

#teleconf2012 – Patricia Hewitt welcomes John Pugh MP from APPG on #telehealth

#teleconf2012 – John Pugh – lots of positives about the uses of technologies in health and social care but some concerns at evidence, scale

#teleconf2012 Dr John Pugh lists some of the tech adoption barriers and issues – resistance to change, data sharing, integrated systems etc

#teleconf2012 Dr Pugh – overcoming obstacles – need strategic leadership, spread of good practice, need to work very closely with patients

RT @clarkmike: ‘Virtual surgery for doctors’ via@NHS24 – could also be used to help people understand diagnosis

#teleconf2012 epatient Haris Patel from Folkestone talking about his experience of using #telehealth in the exhibition self care zone

#teleconf2012 plenty of activity in the exhibition hall – new products and services, progress on @3millives, self care zone, twitter wall

#teleconf2012 – Patricia Hewitt introduces Stephen Johnson, Dep Director of Long term conditions at@dhgovuk – LTCs – 70% of health budget

#teleconf2012 – Stephen Johnson – in future most people with long term conditions will probably have around 6 conditions not one or two

#teleconf2012 – Stephen Johnson covers latest on#WSD – if we could replicate 20% redn in admissions or more with better quality of care

#teleconf2012 Stephen Johnson – what alternatives are there for LTCs – do we have RCT evidence for much of what we currently do in health?

#teleconf2012 Stephen Johnson – lets look at benefits for #telecare #telehealth – Looking at business case – explains @3MillLives thinking

#teleconf2012 SJ – the issue is building services around the individual/patient, how do we work together? We can address the cost issue

#teleconf2012 Stephen Johnson – explains roles & responsibilities in @3MillLives. 6 high impact NHS changes – link to CQUIN. 5 year plan

@clarkmike @3MillLives Thank you for all your tweets on the #teleconf2012 !

#teleconf2012 Stephen Johnson, Dep Director Of long term conditions @dhgovuk talking about #telecare#telehealth – momentum on @3MillLives

#teleconf2012 SJ – future generations will expect us to use technologies. Future #WSD evidence will cover impact on carers #telehealth

#teleconf2012 SJ – lot of work going on around business cases for #telehealth #telecare in @3MillLives

#teleconf2012 Patricia Hewitt introduces Mike Ward from Circle Housing Group – how social housing provider has worked in partnership

#teleconf2012 Mike Ward – talking about care and support work in the home, extending reach & bundling services – handy person & repairs

#teleconf2012 Mike Ward from Circle – trying to enable broadband/tech services to support digital inclusion. Looking to link with CCGs, HWBs

#teleconf2012 Mike Ward from Circle Housing Group – changes in customer base through affordable rents, shared ownership etc

Follow #teleconf2012 @3MillLives for latest from@teleservassoc international conference on #telecare#telehealth at Birmingham 12-14 Nov

#teleconf2012 Patricia Hewitt welcomes back@trevor_single @teleservassoc – concerned about delays in publication of further #WSD papers

#teleconf2012 @trevor_single covers key elements of@3MillLives. Announces TSA code will not be restricted to members – open code

#teleconf2012 Trevor Single talks about importance of standards for #Telecare and #telehealth

#teleconf2012 TS questions whether health & social care review the evidence for current services – are they sustainable?

#teleconf2012 TS – many still are sceptical about technologies – suggests go to exhibition self care zone to hear from people first hand

#teleconf2012 Patricia Hewitt opens up a panel session of previous speakers plus Angela Single who chairs@3MillLives industry Group

#teleconf2012 Questions – is there a private market for#telecare #teleheath – Angela Single provides some examples, still some way to go

#teleconf2012 Stephen Johnson – biggest handicap for#telecare #telehealth is around awareness – we may not be telling people about services

#teleconf2012 Dr Robert Stewart – need to change our approach to providing GP/primary care services – access, consultation length etc

#teleconf2012 Patricia Hewitt provides interesting#telehealth example from US. Rob Stewart provides example of #telestroke in UK

#teleconf2012 Robert Stewart says that in Haris Patel case he feels that he gets much more personal care via#telehealth in Kent

#teleconf2012 Robert Stewart talks about relationship of NHS with industry – need for trust and new relationships with tech adoption

#teleconf2012 In the US reimbursement is the issue for#telehealth – SJ looking at year of care tariff for LTCs. Make it easy for self fund

#teleconf2012 Stephen Johnson – year of care work around diabetes published. 4-5 sites trialling new tariff beyond diabetes over next year

#teleconf2012 Stephen Johnson – idea of a clinical supporters forum – bringing them together as part of@3MillLives #telehealth

#teleconf2012 Angela Single – need to make tech/services easy for adoption, then clinicians and patients will engage #telecare #telehealth

If you’re enjoying our live tweets from #teleconf2012you may also want to follow @TeleServAssoc@3MillLives and @clarkmike #telecare

#teleconf2012 @trevor_single wraps up first day of@teleservassoc conference – continues 13/14 Nov – more on UK #telehealth & #telecare

Value of six-monthly HbA1c tests in #diabetes – Pulse Today:…

Good collection of #COPD tweets today from@COPDDoc using hashtag #COPDtalk

At #teleconf2012, TSA announced that code of practice will be open to all service providers, not just members#telecare #telehealth

At #teleconf2012 TSA Code of Prac in line with Govt’s Plan for Growth (Mar 2011) – to provide quality assurance to users & increase uptake

At #teleconf2012 TSA Code for #telecare & #telehealthwill be available as an open code – helps adoption of standards in the marketplace

At #teleconf2012 @trevor_single – TSA committed to support Euro Telescope project to completion – current lack of #telehealth stds in Europe

Study: How elderly go from being perceived as capable consumer to ‘old person’ – Science…

‘@GeraintLewis Congrats on your new appt – Director of Open Info & Chief Data Officer…

‘Patients will view their NHS records online in three years’ via @Telegraph

,@anniecoops is looking for examples of nurses using tech for mobile working – anyone at #teleconf2012 have examples?

Govt announces NHS Mandate today – health priorities – Patient records online in 3 years via #teleconf2012

Jeremy Hunt launches NHS mandate to ‘extend lives of citizens’… via@Independent #teleconf2012

HT @clarkmike@anniecoops is looking for examples of#nurses using tech for mobile working – anyone at have examples?#AdNursPlym✨

Guardian’s Dick Vinegar – ‘GPs might remain unconvinced but #Telehealth is a no-brainer’ via @guardian #teleconf2012

#teleconf2012 – Day 2 underway with @teleservassocchair Alyson Bell, Conf chair Fiona Phillips@realmissfiona & George Crooks from @NHS24

‘GPs might remain unconvinced but Telehealth is a no-brainer’ -Guardian’s Patient from via @guardian #teleconf2012

#teleconf2012 – @Jeremy_Hunt due to make an oral statement early this afternoon on the NHS mandate to the @NHSCB

#teleconf2012 Fiona Phillips @realmissfiona – gets a warm welcome – her father with #dementia would have benefitted from #telecare

#teleconf2012 – Professor George Crooks (GC) from@NHS24 – Looks at sustainability of services in Scotland. Tech can make things move better

#teleconf2012 GC from @NHS24 – 3 year plan covers#telehealth #telecare. values importance of face to face care, use tech as appropriate

#teleconf2012 GC – key enabler in Scotland is innovative service design using smartphones, tablets, digital tv – keeping it simple

#teleconf2012 – GC – not the tech that goes wrong, the fundamental flaw is often the service redesign. People must not be prisoners of tech

#teleconf2012 – GC – digital technologies can enable people to give back to the community. Recognise the importance of design in tech

#teleconf2012 – GC – using tech to bring communities together – recent community engagement exercise – connecting friends & family

#teleconf2012 GC – Scottish Assisted Living Programme Board – wide range of people – able to look at barriers – importance of collaboration

#Teleconf2012 Fiona Phillips introduces Kevin McSorley from Fold Telecare – progress on #telecare &#telehealth in Northern Ireland

#teleconf2012 KM – Explains managed service approach for #telehealth in NI – 5 health and social care boards – 1283 patients referred so far

#teleconf2012 – Fiona Phillips introduces Helen Herklotts from @carersuk – 6.5m carers – big question for society on how to support carers

#teleconf2012 – big day for NHS in England – announcement due on NHS Mandate today – Govt priorities for health service for coming year(s)

#teleconf2012 – HK – carers talk about difficulties of managing lives – lack of awareness of tech soles – private purchase mkt not developed

#teleconf2012 – HK – tech support for carers can sustain people in work – important for economy – opportunities to help growth

#teleconf2012 – panel question – issues of raising awareness of tech – important to use appropriate language, networks, GPs, pharmacies

#teleconf2012 HK – use social media, forums etc to engage people in use of technology- in Scotland involve Scottish television & Maverick TV

#teleconf2012 Question – health and wellbeing approach versus complex long term condition management for#telehealth

#teleconf2012 GC – use monitoring when you need to. Technologies become part of everyday life. Tech can protect face to face services

#teleconf2012 – question from Community Network – how do we link with #telecare providers? Environment can feel complex for new entrants

#teleconf2012 HK – use of befriending networks. GC – in Scotland, looking at how services that can add value can be connected through tech

#teleconf2012 – panel question care homes – using vid connection for virtual consults in Scotland – must have pt records to hand for triage

#teleconf2012 – GC in Scotland – lucky position in not having commissioning/market – health boards performance managed – some £ available

#teleconf2012 GC in Scotland, approaches to handle#telehealth data to make GP life easier – levers and incentives are important

Following @clarkmike reporting from #teleconf2012interesting debates on #telecare#telehealth, innovation & service redesign #deukcare

‘GPs might remain unconvinced but #Telehealth is a no-brainer’ via @guardian@paulricenhs #teleconf2012

serious & costly problem @clarkmike Dr Robert Stewart: fragmentation in health/social care means many people end up in A&E #teleconf2012

@clarkmike at #teleconf2012 @adassspickup – range of health & social care situations can be supported by technology – #telecare#telehealth

#teleconf2012 – conference tweets now reaching 24,000 people via #telecare #telehealth#carersuk @realmissfiona

I agree! @clarkmike there is a real lack of awareness of digital technology solutions & private purchase market not developed #teleconf2012

@clarkmike interesting Q – who should be developing digital technology market which crosses #socialcarehealth & housing? #teleconf2012

@shirleyayres @clarkmike Private purchase mkt can’t exist whilst LA’s/charities offer services unless there is clear benefit/differentiation

#teleconf2012 Fiona Phillips introduces @normanlamb – minister of state for care and support

#teleconf2012 @normanlamb #telecare and #telehealthcan transform the lives of people with long term conditions, supporting independence

#teleconf2012 @normanlamb – #telehealth can help avoid hospital admissions – need to expand number, millions more people could benefit

#teleconf2012 @normanlamb – @3MillLives services working together with shared goals – currently too much fragmentation

“@clarkmike: #teleconf2012 @normanlamb –@3MillLives services working together with shared goals – currently too much fragmentation”

#teleconf2012 @normanlamb promotes integrated care – make it the norm rather than exception – needs scale and space – example of Heartlands

@3MillLives @clarkmike @normanlamb Share goals but let ppl choose the technological conduit. Ppl obsess abt latter not former

#teleconf2012 @normanlamb – mentions Veterans Admin in the US – single-minded desire to overcome fragmentation – better experience for Vets

#teleconf2012 @normanlamb – benefits of @3MillLives– industry working with NHS – looking at new business models for procurement

#teleconf2012 @normanlamb – more approaches emerging – apps, vid consults, assisted living aids,#telehealth home monitoring, online forums

#teleconf2012 @normanlamb – conference has selfcarezone able to meet people who have benefited from #telecare #telehealth

#teleconf2012 – Angela Single from @3MillLives – still barriers from NHS for adoption. @Normanlambconvinced about tech. Look at incentives

#teleconf2012 – @normanlamb – clinicians will want to support wellbeing and patient care for their communities – budgets, strong incentives

#teleconf2012 importance of raising awareness –@normanlamb sees potential for technologies – mention for Stoptober smoking cess campaign

#teleconf2012 @trevor_single asks for earlier publication of further #WSD results – @normanlambrecognises this and will follow up

#teleconf2012 Feelgood Factory progress discussed in workshop – virtual smart home now becoming real in Liverpool – tech to support problems

#teleconf2012 Wide range of digital technologies being discussed by speakers – helping solve individual problems, helping build communities

#teleconf2012 Good to see social care, clinicians, housing – range of organisations with users and patients at exhibition – self care zone

#teleconf2012 Always good for ministers to take conference questions – another good speech from@normanlamb – importance of integration

DH publishes first NHS… #teleconf2012

#teleconf2012 – NHSMandate – ‘enhancing quality of life for people with long-term conditions’…

#teleconf2012 – new NHS mandate

#teleconf2012 – Fiona Phillips talks about NHS Mandate refs to #telehealth #telecare – towards @3MillLives by 2017

#teleconf2012 Fiona Phillips doing great job with panel – great news about reference in NHS mandate – but need for action eg incentives

#teleconf2012 – issue of awareness – technologies can support people, but you need understanding as well – create consumer demand (HK)

#teleconf2012 HK from @carersUK – great response on improving awareness and understanding of tech support

#teleconf2012 panel question – engaging young people, families, wider groups in using technologies- supporting older people & community

#teleconf2012 – in North America – health tech sells on convenience, quality, open systems Don Jones Qualcomm Life

#teleconf2012 – need to work with GPs – incentives and enhanced services. Importance of innovation. Need for connecting information

RT @clarkmike#teleconf2012 – need to work with GPs – incentives and enhanced services. Importance (cont)

#teleconf2012 – VA system – importance of single record system – integration into GP records – need to segment the data – a challenge

#teleconf2012 – more positive evidence than negative for #telehealth – Don Jones from Qualcomm says don’t need any more

#teleconf2012 Helena Herklots from @carersUK – need a sense of urgency, need to understand the costs of not doing things differently

#teleconf2012 Steve Turner – DH should come up with focused campaign on #telecare #telehealth

#Teleconf2012 – Gil Baldwin from @tunstallhealth social media can help raise awareness of #telehealth #telecareand other technologies

#clarkmike – gil says more social media!

E-Health Insider :: ‘Historic’ NHS Mandate highlights‘historic’-mandate-highlights-it #teleconf2012

#teleconf2012 ‘NHS Mandate pledges to boost e-consultations with GPs’ via Pulse…

#teleconf2012 Guardian Healthcare is tracking reaction to NHS Mandate announcement – covers £95bn

HT @clarkmike: Guardian Healthcare is tracking reaction to NHS Mandate announcement #AdNursPlym #HESPara

‘Using smartphones to sell snake oil’ – many health apps based on flimsy…

#teleconf2012 Looking forwards to announcement of@teleservassoc Crystal Awards this evening – excellence in #telehealth & #telecare

NHS Outcomes Framework 2013 to 2014 – focus on measuring health outcomes from

RT @clarkmike Guardian Healthcare is tracking reaction to NHS Mandate announcement – covers £95bn funding #teleconf2012

#teleonf2012 – conference reached 26,550 via Tweetreach analysis this afternoon – great speakers & chairing by Fiona Phillips @realmissfiona

#teleconf2012 – conference announcing code of practice accreditation and Crystal Awards for excellence in#telecare & #telehealth

#teleconf2012 Crystal Award – enhancing lives through#Telecare and #Telehealth – winner – Weaver Vale Housing Trust Snow Angels

#teleconf2012 – Crystal Award – product/service innovation – winner – S3 Group on behalf of TF3 Consortium

#teleconf2012 Crystal Award – Going the extra mile -winner – South Essex Homes

#teleconf2012 overall winner of Crystal Awards – Northern Ireland – S3 Group on behalf of TF3 Consortium

RT @clarkmike#teleconf2012 overall winner of Crystal Awards – Northern Ireland – S3 Group on behalf of TF3 Consortium

E-Health Insider: ‘NHS CB mandated to create EHR’ – reference to #telecare #telehealth #3MillLives#teleconf2012

#teleconf2012 Connecting Communities roundtable with Helena Herklots from @carersUK@frangudger, Paul Marriott, Ileana Welte, David Brindle

#teleconf2012 David Brindle from the Guardian outlines the economic, demographic factors, refers to the NHS Mandate references to LTCs

#teleconf2012 Paul Marriott from NHS South of Tyne and Wear opens with a case study using technologies including #telecare #telehealth

#teleconf2012 Personal stories make value of technology use come alive – David Brindle at Bosch Connecting Communities round table

#teleconf2012 Helena Herklots from @carersUK – importance of carers in design and development of tech and services, sharing experience

#teleconf2012 David Brindle highlights raising awareness and peer to peer engagement for developing services using technology

#teleconf2012 @frangudger from Trafford Housing Trust gives case study & explains how GPs have been engaged, importance of personal budgets

#teleconf2012 Ileana Welte from Bosch looks at how#telecare & #telehealth can be used more proactively to support people, families, carers

#teleconf2012 – Guardian’s David Brindle chairing Connecting Communities – interesting discussion about people accepting monitoring

#teleconf2012 Roundtable discussion exploring how tech fits into lifestyles. Tech should come second to intervention design

#teleconf2012 HH – recognise urgency – what happens if carers stop caring? Carers getting older, nurses will start to retire- sustainability

#teleconf2012 – Malcolm Fisk – could be some concerns about tech monitoring aspects if more health & social care services are contracted out

#teleconf2012 Some disconnects with assistive technologies assessments – not joined up. Procurement issues for commissioners

#teleconf2012 Do we need to get technologies on the high street? HH from @carersuk talks about normalising – part of everyday life, self pay

#teleconf2012 Paul Marriott talks about health and social care still working in silos – not joined up – needs a national story

#teleconf2012 Should Government name and shame local services not offering tech supported services? – Connecting Communities workshop

#teleconf2012 Looking at ways of being more helpful to consumers particularly as personal budgets develop & extend to health

#teleconf2012 Importance of providing consumer information, use of social media

#teleconf2012 Innovative use of health portal for people with long term conditions – info, appointments, self monitoring, peer support

#teleconf2012 Importance of thinking widely eg support for people, carers, families in end of life care – technologies can provide support

#teleconf2012 HH from @carersUK – use NHS mandate as lever. Example of digital switchover as awareness raising approach – had Govt funding

#teleconf2012 David Brindle – wraps up session – need to tell the story in language people can identify with

#teleconf2012 David Brindle – more info

Follow @clarkmike today for great updates on#teleconf2012 🙂 @shirleyayres #telecare #telehealth#assistivetechnology RT

How #telehealth can assist people who suffer from mental illness HT @clarkmikeconnecting communities #teleconf2012

Follow @clarkmike today for great updates from#teleconf2012 exploring how digital technology is connecting communities #deukcare

#teleconf2012 Opening session – @trevor_singleintroduces Mark Vanderwerf from @americantelemed

RT @3MillLives#teleconf2012 – ‘100,000 more people to benefit from #telehealth during 2013′ – announcement & details

#teleconf2012 Sec of State @jeremyhunt announces@3MillLives pathfinders at @AgeUK conference today – follow @3MillLoves for announcements

MT @shirleyayres: Follow @clarkmike today for great updates from #teleconf2012 exploring how tech connects communities #deukcare #mhealth

#teleconf2012 MV from @americantelemed – healthcare systems have to change. In US every 10 secs someone turns 65 – over half have 1 LTC

#teleconf2012 MV – people Now have different expectations of tech use. Average user of iPad in US Is 55 yrs old

@clarkmike Many thanks for the RT – hope you’re enjoying #TeleConf2012

#teleconf2012 Importance of leadership – now learning a lot from each other across the world. Need to move forward every day

#teleconf2012 MV – #WSD – the real value now is to move forwards. If people don’t believe WSD, then look at VA programme (led by a Brit)

@IrithWilliams #teleconf2012

#teleconf2012 MV you know when you succeed – when ‘Telehealth’ is ‘health’ and when ‘telemedicine’ is medicine

#teleconf2012 @trevor_single introduces Oskar Jonsson from Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology – IP based protocols, tech studies

MT: @clarkmike: Need to get technologies on the high street: Heléna Herklots @CarersUK talks about normalising care technology #teleconf2012

#teleconf2012 – follow @teleservassoc and @3MillLivesfor continuing announcements and updates on #telecareand #telehealth

#teleconf2012 OJ explaining infrastructure changes in Sweden – impact on care alarm services and #telecare. Explaining PSTN to IP changes

#teleconf2012 – TSA Conference tweets currently reaching 28,000 people from Tweetreach analysis –@teleservassoc @3MillLives

#teleconf2012 @trevor_single introduces Jim McManus, Director of public health, Hertfordshire – health & social care partnerships

#teleconf2012 Jim McManus – will partnership working happen in health and social care? Do partnerships actually build a ‘third culture’

#teleconf2012 JM looks at cynics view of partnerships – legal constraints of public sector. Partnership nightmares and opps from NHS change

@clarkmike challenging Q Jim McManus – will partnership working happen in health & #socialcare to build a ‘third culture’? #teleconf2012

.@CarersUK @clarkmike interesting to explore who should be leading on the “normalising” of care technology? #teleconf2012

#teleconf2012 JM – coverage of research in public & private sector on partnership working including history from B’ham #telecare #telehealth

#teleconf2012 @trevor_single update on @3MillLives – sec of state speaking at @ageuk to announce 7 pathfinders for @telehealth – 100,000 ppl

@MarkWestall great to meet up at #teleconf2012 – keep in touch

@LoweCM Charles, great to meet up at #teleconf2012 – keep in touch

#teleconf2012 – excellent exhibition at his year’s@teleservassoc conference – new products/services, self care zone with user experience

#teleconf2012 Conference artists have produced wonderful giant posters drawing together main themes via speakers, Tweets and feedback

#teleconf2012 last session at @teleservassoc conference – guest speaker – Katherine Grainger – Olympic Gold Medalist – dreams can come true

#teleconf2012 International #telecare #telehealthConference ends – follow @teleservassoc @3MillLivesfor updates – well done Tweeters

@clarkmike Thanks for the updates during#TeleConf2012– very useful.

@ProgressHG Glad you found updates helpful – keep in touch

@RoyLilley New #telehealth business models being announced based on lifestyles at lower cost with flexible purchase options #teleconf2012

‘@RoyLilley App approaches for #telehealth should have options to link to personal health and care records – better apps emerging

@clarkmike Thanks for the updates – very informative 🙂 #teleconf2012

@clarkmike Thanks Mike. Likewise. See you at the next one

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