News Summary – 15 November 2012 Reply

  1. tv500sp
    The Telehealth Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ECMatters @clarkmike
  2. clarkmike
    ‘100,000 to get ‘doctor by broadband’ in 2013′ via @Telegraph #telehealth
  3. clarkmike
    E-Health Insider :: ‘Lamb ‘banging the drum’ for #telehealth’
  4. clarkmike
    ‘2080 ppl with diabetes from 9 Europe Regions will contribute to assess impact of #telemedicine services’ #telehealth
  5. clarkmike
    Richard Vize assesses the new NHS Mandate in the Guardian via @guardian
  6. NHSSimple
    @clarkmike Project about to kick off in Stoke with Flo supporting 1,000 carers with health and social care inclusion.
  7. clarkmike
    Jeremy Hunt’s speech at @age_uk conf on 13 Nov 2012 with references to #telehealth and 100,000 users in 2013
  8. clarkmike
    New blog @DrAnnaDixon @thekingsfund ‘It’s time to think differently’ (health & #socialcare) and
  9. shirleyayres
    It’s time to think differently about health & #socialcare @DrAnnaDixon for @TheKingsFund #kfthink HT @clarkmike
  10. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman QALY figures for #WSD yet to be published, so don’t yet know how calculated. Some #telehealth at <50p per day – costs reduced
  11. clarkmike
    @harrylongman WSD Trial had 2 components – #Telecare & #Telehealth, then each had a control/intervention group
  12. mrutter0502
    @clarkmike @harrylongman, unfortunately its this sort of response to throwing the baby out with the bath water that stalls innovation
  13. clarkmike
    Edited summary of Tweets from the TSA International #Telecare and #Telehealth Conference (12-14 Nov 2012) #teleconf2012
  14. clarkmike
    Help for commissioners of #telehealth from @3MillLives as new business models emerge
  15. mrutter0502
    @clarkmike Looks useful but it completely misses a section on management capacity and the changement managemnent requirements to role out
  16. clarkmike
    ‘Bosch selects Doro to enrich its #TeleCare offering with mobile solutions’ – via GlobalNewsWire
  17. mrutter0502
    @clarkmike …would have been nice to see Providers building that into the contracts.There is no resource within CCGs, LATs or CSUs
  18. clarkmike
    ‘The Changing Patient’ from @thekingsfund – 7m UK older people by 2018 unable to walk up stairs without resting
  19. clarkmike
    ‘The Changing Patient’ from @thekingsfund highlights the challenges ahead in simple infographics
  20. clarkmike
    ‘How to reduce unscheduled admissions in the over-75s by 20%’ – Sheffield GP Practice using EARLI/PARR via GPOnline
  21. clarkmike
    ‘Time to Think Differently’ – ‘Time for radical change to shift power to patients’ Christina Patterson @TheKingsFund
  22. clarkmike
    @mrutter0502 – you could let @3MillLives know of your thoughts on the doc, Mike
  23. harrylongman
    @mrutter0502 @clarkmike What stalls innovation is delayed and incomplete publication of results. I’m quoting Pulse on QALY figure.
  24. clarkmike
    @harrylongman Yes,would be helpful to have final #WSD results, however #telehealth services & tech have now moved on – new business models
  25. clarkmike
    @harrylongman QALY fig not yet published – Pulse quoting conf pres in March – #telehealth costs can be much lower than #WSD trial setup
  26. harrylongman
    @clarkmike Innovation is going to come bottom up, not top down. When will they learn? NPfIT etc etc. So, need to seek ideas not impose
  27. VanguardHS_
    A warm welcome to our latest followers @medikly @f4_ht @rittweger @ZoltanTee @clarkmike @MBirty @npgdavies @NexGenHealthiac @BSC_CCG…..
  28. clarkmike
    @harrylongman Where does ‘£nbn’ rollout come from for 100,000 people? Which figures are being used?
  29. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman Innovation still needs leadership, funding, momentum etc for adoption – top down and bottom up to succeed
  30. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman @3MillLives for #telehealth is based around a concordat – new approach –
  31. harrylongman
    @clarkmike You tell me how much it will cost for 100,000 pts. LSE analysis quotes £92k per QALY, needs 80% cost reduction. Why risk so much
  32. clarkmike
    @harrylongman ‘Leading companies will be supplying NHS with tech/services at no upfront cost’ – new payment models
  33. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman See @3MillLives spec document for emerging business models. WSD costs were high as it was a trial
  34. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman I think people getting confused with that early QALY fig as it was for #WSD trial (2008-10) – business models/costs moved on
  35. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman @3MillLives approaches would allow CCGs/GPs to effectively ‘pay as they go’ for people who would benefit from #telehealth
  36. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman #telehealth will also have a wider definition than #WSD for more conditions. In future based around phones, tablets, TV etc
  37. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman Under new @3MillLives business models, balance of risk on NHS is altered and innovation is in the new model & service design
  38. mrutter0502
    @harrylongman @clarkmike Tech & implementation of TH has changed vastly post WSD. TH must reduce price but cost effect service models exist
  39. clarkmike
    ‘@harrylongman If docs worried about #telehealth upfront costs (#WSD period) then @3MillLives changes risk balance for ppl who cld benefit
  40. griffglen
    @clarkmike are there any concrete examples or case studies published on how that would work in practice? @harrylongman @3MillLives
  41. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives – New business models starting to emerge in response to concerns about upfront #telehealth costs
  42. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives – NHS Gloucs has been adopting a newer business model approach to #telehealth
  43. griffglen
    @clarkmike thks-what are best examples you’ve seen in practice, will share my view on something I saw presented @harrylongman @3MillLives
  44. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives Another new simple, low cost NHS approach is – reduces upfront costs
  45. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives Plenty of good examples at @teleservassoc conf this week – key is service design & personalisation
  46. LE_Wales
    @clarkmike @WelshConfed Does Welsh NHS have access to “NHS” Intellectual Property, patents and registered trademarks?
  47. griffglen
    @clarkmike @harrylongman @3MillLives yes have seen Flo in brief (video) .. this largely home grown I think – was this part of #WSD ?
  48. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives No, Flo was post-WSD – one of many new options emerging as we move from early #telehealth configns
  49. griffglen
    @clarkmike – thks will review later tonight
  50. clarkmike
    @LE_Wales @WelshConfed – check with Phil O’Connell at @NHSSimple
  51. griffglen
    @clarkmike @harrylongman @3MillLives have industry welcomed this? or have they seen it as a threat?
  52. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives Greater collaboration around moving #telehealth forwards – important when LTCs cost NHS £70bn
  53. griffglen
    @clarkmike @harrylongman @3MillLives I know the pitch (and the prize) – IMHO need 2 b v specific about solns & not just bundle LTC together
  54. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives #WSD & other LTC work is telling us that significant numbers of people have multiple LTCs – up to 5/6
  55. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives Early #telehealth work tended to be one condition only eg heart failure, COPD, diabetes – now complex
  56. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives – the #telehealth development work now is much more person-centred as people have multiple condns
  57. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives #Telehealth has also linked to #telecare & other digital technologies to fit with person’s lifestyle
  58. griffglen
    @clarkmike @harrylongman @3MillLives need to disengage now-was impressed with pres I saw from GPwSI cardio Dr Richard Berkley for heartfailr
  59. clarkmike
    ‘@griffglen @harrylongman @3MillLives Thanks Glen – hope you found the links helpful
  60. sukhdipjhaj
    @clarkmike @harrylongman all medical interventions/tech constantly moving on. Still needs to be evidence based and shown as cost effective
  61. harrylongman
    @sukhdipjhaj @clarkmike @griffglen Thanks for debate. I’m very open to telehealth innovations, but we must treat evidence with proper care
  62. NHSSimple
    @clarkmike @le_wales @welshconfed Yes of course, its all about sharing within the NHS family. One rule: everyone shares and benefits 🙂
  63. shirleyayres
    Storify of tweets from the International #Telecare & #Telehealth Conf (12-14 Nov 2012) #teleconf2012 HT @clarkmike
  64. clarkmike
    ‘harrylongman @sukhdipjhaj @griffglen @3MillLives – agree on evidence/effectiveness – #telehealth moving quickly, data/cost/models changing
  65. clarkmike
    @harrylongman Thanks for good discussion today, Mike
  66. clarkmike
    ‘@shirleyayres @mindingsstu – looking forwards to Disruptive Social Care podcast this week with @richardatKF #deukcare
  67. clarkmike
    ‘@shirleyayres Thanks for RT on #teleconf2012. Good to see tech/services joining up & widening. Also great example of conf visual minutes
  68. shirleyayres
    @clarkmike really useful summary of #teleconf2012. Were any links made with #kfthink thinking differently about health & #socialcare?
  69. shirleyayres
    @clarkmike Me too! Looking forward to Disruptive #SocialCare podcast this week w/ @richardatKF #deukcare @MindingsStu
  70. sukhdipjhaj
    @clarkmike @griffglen @3MillLives @harrylongman I’m v open to innovation. But worried abt headlong rush. Talk of low up front cost > PFI?
  71. clarkmike
    ‘Companies will be supplying NHS with #telehealth tech/services at no upfront cost’ @3MillLives – new cost/risk models
  72. harrylongman
    @clarkmike Yes thanks no doubt debate will run and run.
  73. clarkmike
    Interesting article around #mhealth & apps via @SusannahFox “Don’t believe the mhealth hype” – @DCDave guest post
  74. clarkmike
    Survey Of Primary Care Doctors In 10 Countries Shows Progress In Use Of Health Information Technology
  75. clarkmike
    ‘New Findings Link #Telehealth-Enabled Care Coordination with Reduced Mortality for Pts with Congestive Heart Failure’
  76. clarkmike
    ‘Integrated #Telehealth & Care Mgmt Prog Reduces All Cause Mortality in Medicare Beneficiaries with HF’ – Conf Abstract
  77. online_hulp
    “@clarkmike: via @SusannahFox “Don’t immediately believe the mhealth hype” @DCDave guest post
  78. clarkmike
    ‘@3MillLives – Tweet from @SagaRosAltmann – ‘Jeremy Hunt’s vision for #telehealth is right and deserves full support’
  79. DamianFog
    @clarkmike @3MillLives @SagaRosAltmann Agree-Culture among doctors needs to change to use. Most won’t share phone no. beyond few colleagues

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